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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

The Reappearance Of Our Imam (atfs)

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When it comes to the reappearance of our Imam, based on my understanding certain signs must first take place, such as the rise of the Sufyani, the killing of Nafs Al-Zakiyyah, and such. Certain ahadith specify when certain events are to take place, such as the Sufyani rising in Rajab.

My question however, is of course we are supposed to do our best to be ready for the Imam's (as) return, but taking these ahadith into account, is one still supposed to have the belief that the rising is a sudden thing? Is it a possibility that my Imam (as) may rise tomorrow, taking into account that some signs are (apparently) unfulfilled?

Any ahadith on the subject / informed opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Fi aman Allah

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What I mean sister, is are there ahadith that claim the Imam (as) could rise at any given moment, irregardless of the (apparent) fulfillment of signs? Because when people say things based on ahadith like "Oh, hopefully the Imam will rise in 2/6/12 months/years," it makes the concept of always being ready a bit less rational, if you know what I mean.

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There is a hadith from Imam Sadiq(a.s) which I was discussing with my father in law last week. It is a famous ahadith, and you might know it. Someone asked Imam Sadiq(a.s) about the sign for the Zahoor. He(a.s) said , 'Whichever of the events occurs, say 'SadaqAllah' and whichever of the events do not occur say 'SadaqAllah'. In other words, according to this ahadith, there are not fixed signs because all these are dependent of the will of Allah(s.w.a) and are subject to change. My father in Law(who is an alim) said that this ahadith is authentic.

So if you accept this ahadith, then the Zahoor could occur at any moment (suddenly) or it could be a gradual process, depending on the will of Allah(s.w.a).

There is another explaination for this ahadith. It is that there are definite signs, but Imam Sadiq(a.s) knew that there would be many false ahadith in circulation(as there are now) which would go into extravagent details about nonsensical things. H e knew that enemies of ahl al bayt would use fabricated or weak ahadith to spin 'fairy tales' and thus misguide the Shia. Two recent examples of this are the 'Arrivals' series which is probably made by Zionist jews and the fake Yamani Ahmad Al Hassan. So Imam Sadiq(a.s) wanted to preserve the Iman of the muminin by telling them that if you see signs that do not occur, it could be that the hadith that you are referring to are false (not from ahl al bayt).

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Alright everybody. This is the latest news, 25 june 2012

The committee in Lebanon officially tasked with investigating the fate of Imam Musa Sadr denied that the body recently found in Libya belongs to Sadr.

According to a report carried by Al-Intiqad Daily, the committee issued a statement on Saturday, June 23, rejecting the recent remarks by head of Libya’s National Transitional Council Mustafa Abdul Jalil.

Abdul Jalil earlier this week said that Imam Musa Sadr’s body and remnants of his clothes have been found in Libya.

“We have discovered a mass grave and believe Imam Musa Sadr’s body might be among the bodies found there,” he said.

The committee said while it believes Sadr is alive, at the request of the Libyan side, it took part in carrying out DNA tests to determine whether the claim that the body belongs to Sadr is correct.

According to the committee, the outcome of the tests proved to contradict the claim.

Imam Musa Sadr and his two companions Sheikh Muhammad Yaqub and Abbas Badreddin disappeared in Libya in 1978 during a visit to the country. There have been a lot of efforts to determine their fate in the past three decades, efforts that have intensified since the fall of the former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.


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