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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

What Have You Watched Recently? [OFFICIAL THREAD]

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Chaotic Muslem

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Game of Thrones.

Good drama, setting and carrying a lot of potential but it just happens to be unacceptably raw, pornographic, nude, shameless. Its like a very glorified pornographic TV series. I can't even think to view it along with my wife. All it shows is that there is no God, no afterlife or morals and the rich and poor and everyone else have only two greatest concerns: sex and wealth. And that the most immoral, deceitful, selfish, cruel, clever and evil people can always have their way with whatever they want. That defeats the entire idea of viewing any fantasy or drama flick which is rather to escape from the banalities of life and this world, not to get shoved head first into an extremely exaggerated and intense all too well known filth. It quickly became predictable during the first season and I was hoping that there would be less of those entirely unneeded explicit shots however with the second season it only gets worse. Its like a story of politicians in Washington. The evil Bush family, the sick Clintons, the blood thirsty witch Condoliza Rice. I was completely disappointed having predicted the result of season 1. Knowing the writer's single track mind of which he originated almost all the characters except Sean Bean's I knew there would be no heroics or "dramatics".

Seriously, how a muslim can recommend this to a fellow muslim is beyond me. I know of better medieval dramas and even video games like dragon age that are far more engrossing, beautiful, both predictable and unpredictable or dramatic, fantastical yet with believable and amazing turn of events and MINUS all the pornography.

The obsessive-compulsive pornographic parts of it, and vivid knowledge of every character's sexual life and activities in detail was entirely unnecessary and its so profound in it and its so full of it that at first I didn't want to write a review or mention the name due to the shame of it, but then decided to lash out and perhaps warn others of it. I got a headache thinking of absolutely revolting misadventures and characters like Lord Tyrion.


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^^^You could read "A Song of Fire and Ice", the 5 book series. If there is anything inappropriate in it just bla bla bla over the words until you get to the clean part.

book downloads


(and the last installment)


all courtesy of this gentleman and his blog http://booksdownload247.blogspot.com/

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r they better than sherlock?

Greetings AnaAmmar1,

I find Sherlock confusing to watch. I usually have trouble following the story. :blush:

Poirot is fun... the one played by David Suchet, because he is such an interesting and unique character to watch.

Poirot and Murdoch are each unique in their own ways... all the detective characters are.

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I have been hooked on Hannibal. Is it weird to wanna be friends with him (after the last episode where they show the inner person of Lecter). Probably the best show besides Game of Thrones. I hope they dont cancel Hannibal.

Arrow is a decent show too, sort of corny considering he dodges gazillion bullets and takes out bad guys with his arrows lol.

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i like the blind side, was a good film and emotional. what was even better was that it was based on a real story :cry:

Yeah it was great movie I didn't know it was a true story untill the credits when they started showing the real family pictures. Its amazing how that family changed his life.

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