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In the Name of God بسم الله
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A Poem By Rumi

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(Ashhadu anna 'Aliyan mawlaya wa mawla al mu'minin)

I adore Ali, love is our creed;

and he who holds us as an enemy.

May he become blind in two eyes.

We found felicity from the love of Ali,

..on every breath this felicity makes us

more conscious of our good fortune.

The lucrative reward that I have with the love of Ali.

O brother! This world and the next are the reward in this deal.

He who calls anyone, other than the Commander of the Faithful as his Imam.

He is an idol worshiper, and indeed breaking idols is our job.

O You lover of the Truth, love the King of all men.

He who does not love this king, is a stranger to us and is our enemy.

The vision of every Kharajite is deprived from seeing Ali's face, the neck of every Nasbi( Ali's enemy) hangs on our hanging pole.

O Shams of Tabriz be silent, do not reveal divine mysteries anymore.

He who knows the mysteries of that king,

is aware of our mysteries too.

~ Jalal ad-Dīn Muhammad Rumi (ra)

****** Surah e fateha request for my grandparents*******

kheli mamnoon

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I love Rumi too. Was he Shia? he also wrote 'ask the rose about the rose':

The interpretation of a sacred text is true

if it stirs you to hope, activity, and awe;

and if it makes you slacken your service,

know the real truth to be this:

it's a distortion of the sense of the saying,

not a true interpretation.

This saying has come down

to inspire you to serve—

that God may take the hands

of those who have lost hope.

Ask the meaning of the Qur'an from the Qur'an alone,

and from the one who has set fire

to his idle fancy and burned it away,

and has become a sacrifice to the Qur'an,

bowing low in humbleness,

so that the Qur'an has become the essence of his spirit.

If an essential oil that has utterly devoted itself to the rose,

you can smell either than oil or the rose, as you please.

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Salamun alaykum

Who is Rumi? Is he Shia? Why is he important?

Regardless to his religion, he was a great mystic and esoteric. A kind, mothers don't give birth to. Only a handful of such mystic poets have come to the land of earth in history. Hence his respect is in itself respect :)

This is my translation of His poem in Divan-e-Shams about 12 Imams:

O the king of the kings of the world, Allah, Molana Ali



..... (It is difiicult to translate it!)

You are the complete leader, Allah, Molana Ali

My king is Ali-e- Mortaza, then, Hassan, the star of the sky

I will call Hussain of Karbala, Allah, Molana Ali

I know that man of Al-e-Aba, He is Ali, Zain-al-ebad

Both Baqir and Sadiq are witnesses, Allah, Molana Ali

Musaye Kazim is the 7th Imam and leader




Demons and angels, children of Adam, whether men or women,

repeat this secret, Allah, Molana Ali


Persian version:

ای شاه شاهان جهان الله، مولانا علی

ای نور چشم عاشقان الله، مولانا علی

حمد است گفتن نام تو ای نور فرخ نام تو

خورشید و مه هندوی تو الله، مولانا علی

خورشید مشرق خاوری در بندگی بسته کمر

ماهت غلام نیک پی الله، مولانا علی

خورشید باشد ذره‌ای از خاکدان کوی تو

دریای عمان شبنمی الله، مولانا علی

موسی عمران در غمت بنشسته بد در کوه طور

داود می‌خواندت زبور الله، مولانا علی

آدم که نور عالم است عیسی که پور مریم است

در کوی عشقت در هم است الله، مولانا علی

داود را آهن چو موم قدرست نموده کردگار

زیرا به دل اقرار کرد الله، مولانا علی

آن نور چشم انبیا احمد که بد بدر دجا

می‌گفت در قرب دنا الله، مولانا علی

قاضی و شیخ و محتسب دارد به دل بغض علی

هر سه شدند از دین بری الله، مولانا علی

گر مقتدای جاهلی کردست در دین جاهلی

تو مقتدای کاملی الله، مولانا علی

شاهم علی مرتضی بعدش حسن نجم سما

خوانم حسین کربلا الله، مولانا علی

آن آدم آل عبا دانم علی زین العباد

هم باقر و صادق گوا الله، مولانا علی

موسی کاظم هفتمین باشد امام و رهنما

گوید علی موسی الرضا الله، مولانا علی

سوی تقی آی و نقی در مهر او عهدی بخوان

با عسکری رازی بگو الله، مولانا علی

مهدی سوار آخرین بر خصم بگشاید کمین

خارج رود زیر زمین الله، مولانا علی

تخم خوارج در جهان ناچیز و ناپیدا شود

آن شاه چون بیدار شود الله، مولانا علی

دیو و پری و اهرمن، اولاد آدم مرد و زن

دارند این سر در دهن الله، مولانا علی

اقرار کن اظهار کن مولای رومی این سخن

هر لحظه سر من لدن الله، مولانا علی

ای شمس تبریزی بیا بر ما مکن جور و جفا

رخ را به مولانا نما الله، مولانا علی

As far as have researched on Rumi, as you may have read, his early teens got him inclined a lot towards sufism and gradually he became a mystic, high amongst the ranks in sufism. Nevertheless sufism and shiite have a lot of similarities and are pretty close. That is why, Mulla sadr has brought together an association and had declared Sufis and Shias as brothers, which did cause a bit chaos but also brought together unity.

His works seemed to be what is now known to be deobandi belief. His faith had more kindness togards maliki and Hanafi school. So maybe that is where the love for the Caliphs and the Imams [as] came from.

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