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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Serious Relationship As A 16 Years Old Girl....

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Salam alaykom sisters.. (salam)

I am 16 years old ( but very mature) , and i meet a boy who is 18 years old ( Also very mature) ..

we started to learn each other to know, as normal friends but later on he told me that he was interested in a serious relationship of course serious in the halal way with future and marriage ...

In that time i was not looking for a '' relationship '' to anyone especially because i was only 15 at that time and because I'm not that type of girl who would have these relationships to any one, but he was really different, he is Alhamdulilah a religious boy, who knows his boundaries he respects me, and he wouldn't hurt me in any way, he always stood beside me when i needed it, it's like he's sent to me exactly how i want my future husband should be like - and the most important of all , i can trust him like i trust myself!

We don't talk or see each other that often because we want to keep it in a halal way and Alhamdulilah we are.

My parents found out about us, and of course they don't think that it it acceptable that i talk to this guy, and i couldn't tell them that this is serious, and that we are not doing anything wrong cause they would not understand that anyway.

His parents also knows about us, especially his mother - she don't think its okay but she trusts her son, and she knows that he wouldn't do me anything wrong ... He have a big sister, who is my friend, i went to her wedding and there i meet his mother, she's a really good person and she was very kind and sweet to me i liked her a lot..

him and I had agreed that he will come to my parents and ask for me about approx. 2 years when I'm turning 18 and he will be 20 Insha'Allah...

Now my QUESTION is , is it right what we are doing right now with the planning about the future - or is it totally harram and should I just keep away, from all that .. ?????????( i know that its harram that i even talk to him - but its about the future )

i don't know what to do, because i know that talking to him behind my parents back, IS NOT RIGHT at ALL! but i also think that its ok because we are not talking 24/7 , just one time in a month or something just to hear about one other, and how we'r doing..

WS. (wasalam)

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now thats the problem, my parents have always told me that i have to get my education, before i think about all that with the marriage and stuff, and in general we just don't discus marriage or anything here at home, i don't have big siblings, so it's kinda new for me and them ..

My parents do not know him or his family...

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Alhamdulillah, you have found a person who you can be happy with. But please remember, in Islam there is no such thing as friendship between members of the opposite sex. As macisaac suggested, consult with your parents and begin a contract so that you do not sin. This way you could talk to each other and plan your future all you want and it would not be haram. May Allah brighten your future together, inshaAllah.

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