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In the Name of God بسم الله

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There is a common phenomena in our society where teenagers lend money to their friends in small amounts for buying a piece of candy, or some other object. At a later time, the lendee says that they want to pay back, however, the lender says that the amount of money is little and is not significant or either the lendee himself considers it insignificant.

In this scenario, I raise many questions;

1) When the lender declares that the money they lent is little to be significant.

a) How should the other person act? Should they force them to accept the money?

b ) Are they blamed for not giving the money?

c) Is this kind of loan in Islam acceptable? and is it even considered a loan?

2) When the lendee perhaps considers that the money is too little to be paid back .

a) Can the other person ask for his money back even if it is little? Is this considered stinginess?

b ) Should a person give a time limit as to when it should be paid back even if it is little?

Forgive my ignorance to these questions, but this subject is a blank in my mind. If you can also direct me to a book that is considered with such topics or lectures, it would be very helpful.

Thank you for your answers


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It depends on how you analyze this. From a religious perspective, it is perfectly just and understandable for person to ask for his money back, no matter how small or large the amount is. However, from a societal point of view, like Ja'far said it is bound to cause friction in relationships.

You need to be able to judge whether the person you have loaning money to is open to you asking him/her to return your money. Would that upset them? Would they even return it if you asked? What would they think of you if you set up a time limit? I think this topic has very hazy boundaries socially. You can always have the intention of giving them that money fisabilillah and hopefully you will actually accumulate good deeds for giving people money.

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It's not nearly that complicated. I always try to pay back. If I lend money to someone (that's a small amount like $1 or something) and they don't pay me back after one day I tell them not to worry about it. It's so small to cause friction in our friendship over.

Salam alaikum (from Johanna),

I actually feel embarrassed if someone tries to pay me back for a small amount and if they are a really good friend, I feel embarrassed if it is a big amount. However, I always pay back the amount if I borrowed it whether it is big or small. I suppose it is like Allahuakbar said, it is a topic that has very hazy boundaries socially. Money does complicate relationships like friendships.

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So I got the gist of the answer. I was just trying to look at the Islamic perspective of this issue because I also found it very embarrassing to complicate the matter about a small amount of loan.

I think it would just be better to say fee sabeelilah and go on with your life XD

Thank you everyone for your replies.

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