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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

5 Pillars Of Islam

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Asalam o alikum

I came to know that according to sunnis those who dont believe in shahadatain,namaz,roza,zakat and haj they are kafir.I want to know whether they only consider those as a kafir who dont believe in these 5 things or they think every one is kafir even if he reject a minor command of Allah and his prophet like we shia do believe. And if their beleive is same like us then what is their ulama point of view about this 5 practices(i.e shahadatain,namaz,roza,zakat,haj) hadith.

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I believe they call someone a Kafir who rejects any of the 5 pillars or 6 pillars of Faith.

We call someone a kafir if they deny any of the Dharuriyaat al-Deen (Necessities of the Religion): Wilayah, Salaah, Siyaam, Zakaah, Hajj

Wilayah here doesn't necessarily mean narrow wilayah of Ahlulbayt [as], but the concept in general, which the Sunnis do not deny the wilayah of Allah [swt] and His Messenger [sawa]

في امان الله

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Is this correct according to Shi'ah aquaid?

التاركون ولاية علي عليه السلام المنكرون لفضله المظاهرون أعداءه خارجون عن الإسلام من مات منهم على ذلك

“Those who left wilayat of Ali (as), rejected his superiority and display emnity towards him fall out of Islam if they died upon that."

-- Bihar ul Anwaar 27/238

Without my wilayat tawheed will not profit you nor will you benefit from nabuwwat as these testimonies are obligatory with each other.’

-- Maula Ali (as) Muqadama Mishkat ul Anwaar

Allah (JJH) and Paak Nabi (SAW) are walis but without wilayat of Ali (as) what is the status of a Muslim?

I'm not saying sunnis are kafir but the wilayah of Maula Ali (as) is an intrinsic part of the wilayah you mention, not just Allah (JJH) and Holy Prophet (SAW).


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