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Salam everyone,

So basically I was cutting some hot chillie and then I washed my hands. Something went into my eyes and then I rubbed my hands on my eyes. My left eye is literally paining. I tried cold

Water and I also tried to rub tooth paste but nothing worked. Does anyone else know what to do in this situation???

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Wash your hand with soap, then wash your eyes with lots of water. Obviously you can't put soap in your eyes, although that would solve your problems.

You could try to wash your eyes with milk. I think it would have the same effect as soap.

Basically, the thing is that the chilli chemical is oil-based, so it won't go away by washing with water. you need soap/detergent. Milk also works as a solvent for oil based things.

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Capsaicin an Acid or Base?

Q: Dave,

Is capsaicin an acid or a base? Someone told me it was a base, but when I drink acidic drinks (soda, etc.) it seems to burn more instead of neutralizing it, whereas if it was a base the acid should help take away the sting.


Hello Mike:

Capsaicin is a base, but the capsaicin receptors in the mouth bind to the capsaicin and cannot be stripped away by acids but rather by the protein casein in dairy products.




Hence the relief from milk.

Good learning.

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