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In the Name of God بسم الله

"cursing" The Enemies Of Ahlulbait

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Ya Ali Madad

La'nat on the enemies of Ahlulbait

Rahbar Faqat Khameneist

Salamun Alaykum.

I will make a (hopefully) quick rant here. My goal is to awaken a few brothers and sisters who have fallen into a serious trap.

What is up with you oh brothers and sisters?! Do you know what happened to our Ahlulbait? Do you know how much of torture and pain they suffered?! All for what? So we can simply laugh and curse at their enemies and make jokes about them?! Suppose someone kills you father, are you going to laugh and curse and make jokes about your father's killer?! NO! You will feel the sorrow and the pain and every time you remember your father's killer you will weep! Why don't we treat the Ahlulbait the way we treat our own family members? Don't they have higher authority over us then we have over ourselves? HOW DARE we make jokes about the KILLERS of our Ahlulbait and laugh as if nothing happened?! DID THE AHLULBAIT SUFFER FOR NOTHING?! NO INDEED!! They were tortured, suffered, and murdered ALL in the name of saving Islam. When we turn around and start using foul languages and cursing their enemies by using the worst language possible, do you think the Ahlulbait are happy with us? Is this truly the love we show to our Ahlulbait, by using disgusting language to refer to their killers?! It is very shocking when I hear a few people going so far into saying the F words when referring to the enemies of Ahlulbait!

DO YOU KNOW WHAT LA'NAT IS?! It is a dua which asks god to remove his mercy from the killers of Ahlulbait! THERE IS NO HADITHS WHICH THE AHLULBAIT ASK US TO CURSE, MOCK, AND LAUGH AT THEIR ENEMIES! WHY DO WE DO THAT?!

IF we truly want to follow the Ahlulbait, and if we truly hate their enemies, we should show our love to the Ahlulbait by using them as guides. We need to follow them as role models... Simply hating their enemies and loving them for the sake of it won't get us ANYWHERE. The kulafa and the oppressors of ahlulbait also claimed to love them!!

Please remember this in our gatherings and special occasions, especially in Eid-e-zahra. It is unfortunate that people laugh with one another calling names [to the 3 people] without realizing how much destruction these people did to Islam. If anything, we should MOURN when we remember them! La'nat is something serious, its worst than simply cursing people!

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