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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Marriage Muslims, Iranian Arabs Turks Must Read

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1. Iranian.com was started by a man called Mohammad Jahanshah Javid.

2. Despite its title, Iranian.com is primarily a Zionist / Bahai / Mujahadeen-e Khalgh site (regular Iranians do not know this); many of the comments on that site are Bahais and militant Jews pretending to be regular Iranians. The commentators are mostly hand-picked to make it appear as if Iranians agree with them.

3. Iranian.com is funded by a man named Said Amin, and was recently bought by him. Said Amin also owns what he calls, "niche dating & marriage sites." For example, a site for Iranians to find a spouse, Arabs, Pakistanis, Turks, etc.

4. You can read background information about Iranian.com at these links below, but this NOT the main point:




Why is this important? READ THIS PLEASE:

Here is what I am writing to warn you about, so you can notify others: Here is how the scam works.

Suppose you sign up for one of Said Amin's marriage sites (e.g. Iranianpersonals.com / Arablounge.com etc.) hoping to meet a nice husband or wife; and you pay your money to the site. The owner then gives your money to Iranian.com (which he now owns but previously funded) and then your money is used to spread hate speech and abuse about your people (Iranians, Arabs, Turks, etc.), your faith (Islam). In other words, by using those specific marriage introduction sites you will be funding abuse against yourselves and your family. Again, Iranian.com is not from normal or regular Iranians -- it is a Zionist/ Bahai/Rajavi Cult site. Iranian.com also seeks to stir conflict among people. See the attached photo and please warn others. Thank you.

The link to the photo below is here, feel welcome to copy it or the photo: http://muslimsarabsi...s.blogspot.com/


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dude thats a very popular sght among iranians and anyone can post an article. even my friend has. u can find all kind of articles there and i kno cuz i visit it almost everyday for its news and other iranians articles. just dont read the ones u dont leik. even the ones u posted r from different people and look at the dates how far apart they r! they way u said it if one didnt check the sight they would think that it posts 100 articles a day all anti islamIc.

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