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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Pakistan, Iran Wheat Talks Deadlocked: Report

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Hope the religious scholars can enunciate a principle of fairness to resolve this issue amicable. Providing solutions and good governance is the need of the time.


Pakistan, Iran wheat talks deadlocked: report

Farmers carry newly harvested wheat at a field in Punjab.—Reuters Photo

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and Iran have hit deadlock in talks about a barter deal for Pakistani wheat to get round Western sanctions because Tehran is offering too little for the grain, a Pakistani newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Talks held in Tehran ground to a halt when Iran offered a price of $275 per tonne for Pakistani wheat but Pakistan was asking for international pricing of $312 per tonne, a source privy to the meetings told a private newspaper.

In March, Pakistan agreed to export a million tonnes of wheat to Iran in a barter deal as Western sanctions over Tehran’s nuclear programme squeeze its ability to pay for food imports.

Food shipments are not targeted under the sanctions, but Iranian companies have been cut off from much of the global banking system because of the financial measures against Tehran, making payments difficult and discouraging traders.

Tehran has ordered a large part of its expected yearly requirement in the past two months—around two million tonnes of wheat from various sources—paying prices over world market levels to get around sanctions and prevent unrest.

Tehran also started talks about major wheat barter deals with India and Pakistan but progress has been slow.

“The Iranian side wants wheat at the imported price of Kazakhstan, but we told them that the quality of Pakistani wheat is better than that of the Central Asian states,” Pakistani Food Security Secretary Shafqat Naghmi was quoted as saying.

“Now, the matter would be brought before the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) of the Cabinet for approval.”

If the two sides reach agreement, Pakistan would receive around 600,000 tonnes of urea and 200,000 tonnes of iron ore.

Apart from Pakistan, Iran has approached India, and purchased wheat from Russia, Germany, Canada, Brazil and Australia to build up stocks.

US sanctions are targeting Iran’s oil trade and central bank to pressure Tehran to shut down its nuclear programme, which Iran says is for peaceful purposes.

A US advisory group said in February that the sanctions are squeezing Iran’s oil exports even before they take effect in June.

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You may like this photo of a pakistani official in Iran , meeting Prez Ahmadinejad.

No restrictions on expansion of Pak-Iran ties, says Nejad


TEHRAN - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stressed that Tehran sees no restriction or impediment to the further expansion of its relations and cooperation with Islamabad.

Speaking at a meeting with Pakistani Minister of National Regulations and Services Firdous Ashiq Awan in Tehran on Sunday, Ahmadinejad said that the relations between Iran and Pakistan are growing fast in different fields and at different levels, reported Fars News Agency.

“There is no restriction or impediment to the further bolstering of cooperation between the two countries,” Ahmadinejad said, and urged both states’ officials to take effective steps to further deepen and improve mutual cooperation.

According to IRNA news agency, Ahmadinejad said the two sides’ relations are now developing fast and there is no barrier to this end. Grounds are prepared for expansion of mutual relations and cooperation in the fields of culture and women’s affairs particularly women’s healthcare, he said. Pakistan has a powerful nation which resists all problems and difficulties, he said.

During the meeting, Firdous said that the two countries are highly motivated to boost mutual cooperation, and expressed the hope that Iran-Pakistan ties would become a role-model for other regional states.

She hoped to witness further expansion of relations and cooperation between the two countries in order to make them an exemplary model for other nations.

The government and people of Pakistan call for broadening of ties with Iran, she said, adding that they not only defend their rights but also care about the legitimate rights of all Muslims.

A trilateral meeting between Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan had a clear message for those seeking to sow seeds of discords among countries of the region, she said.

Despite of all pressures and limitations imposed by foreigners, the two sides can overcome all difficulties and expand all out relations, she said.

She also called for utilization of Iran’s valuable expertise and services assets in various fields such as health and medical treatment.

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Iranians as usual playing hardball with everyone, including - pakistanis and arabs, except kissing the feet of INDIA, both secular and religious iranians - and pakistani shias also.

Wonder why people are against the shia in pakistan.

The bad shia sowing seeds of hatred that innocent shias reaping.

There is certainly a fascist segment of the shia who are willing to sacrifice their own bretheren, or I may say that there are satans in the garb of shia skin and dress and manner of talk but at heart, the followers of the devil.

hope this sincere advice passes the censors of this forum.

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