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In the Name of God بسم الله

Basic Hawza Studies In English - Iri

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Salams all,

Hope everyone is well. Id like to start with condoling all the believers on the tragic martyrdom anniversary of Sayeda Fatima (sa), may God hasten the reappearance of his final Hujjah and present khalifa of the earth to avenge the blood of her family.

Im not sure about recently, but ever since i've been active on shiachat, every so often a topic about hawza and hawza opportunities is made. Recently i received an email about an opportunity to study the first year basic studies of hawza in english as a tester for those considering joining the seminary.

It seems like a good idea for those who want to get their feet wet before they jump in the pool. This way the most is made out of the first year of hawza without having to go through the sometimes painful process of learning farsi or arabic first.

This can be especially desirable for those who want to take a gap year from uni and open up their doors.

anyways, i dont know details, but read the message and email the organisers if need be.

Salaamun Alaaykum

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of a new program Hawza Ilmiyyah Qum has developed for English speaking students who want to study in Qum. Up to now the program was a Farsi based program and that the students needed to study Farsi first before they could commence to other parts of the full-time studies program. However now students are being invited to enrol onto an Introductory Islamic Studies Course starting from September 2012 in which students will be taught in English and the course will initially be for a period of nine months (Ending in June 2012). This will be quite useful for students who want to take a gap year off from their university studies to study Islam in a complete Islamic/Hawza environment. Enrolling students have the opportunity still available to them to join the full-time Hawza studies course after completing the nine months if they themselves feel this is what they want to study for the future. And likewise if somebody who initially felt that he wanted to study in the Hawza at the beginning of the course and after completing nine months felt it was not quite what he wanted, he would be allowed to withdraw without any obligations.

The course is sponsored by the Hawza and requires students to only pay for their visas and ticket to and from IRI.

After a period of 6/7 months they will be introduced to basic Farsi which could be useful for them if they decide to stay on after completing the first 9 months of the studies program.

This program is also available for female students if 20 or more students apply for it.

For any other information please do not hesitate to contact me at this email address – nicetotalk@hotmail.com.

Your brother in faith

Syed Taqi Jaffer Razvi

Dont mind the cheesy email, its all ligit lol

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salam Alaikum

Ahsant, seems a great plan, but first must make sure that who they are and what organisation is going to have this plan.

Because at the moment as I know Jameatul Mustafa or Mustafa university is handling these kind of education for foreign students.

so anyone who wants to attend, first make sure which org they are.


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