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In the Name of God بسم الله

Who Slapped Sayeda Fatima A.s

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Salam brothers and sisters

In many of the majalis I have attended for SAyeda Fatima a.s, they always state that SAyeda Fatima a.s was slapped on her way back home After her speech , I would like to ask if anyone can tell me who slapped her? Or if anyone has any hathid on the incident ?

Thank u in advance

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Salam thank u very much for all ur replies,

I can't imagine how evil a person would have to be to act in such away towards the purest lady, the lady of the women of the WORLD!

Peace be upon u oh SAyeda Fatima

Anf may Allah swt take His mercy far away from any body that hurt SAyeda Fatima and Her family !

Assalaam aleykom

What was the reaction of Imam Ali (as) on this?

That's a very good question, hmmm inshallah someone can provide us both with this answer

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Janabe Fatima s.a :

Ab main khuda ko gawah karke kehti hu k in

dono (bakar n umar) ne mujhe aziat di meri

zindagi me bhi aur marte waqt bhi.

Khuda ki kasam main tum dono (bakar n

umar) se mutaliq baat na karugi yaha tak k

main apne rabb k pass pahoch jau aur uski

bargah me tumhari shikayat karu.

(behar al anwar,3:215)

Jin ki shikayat bibi zehra s.a kare uspar laanat

unke chahane walo pe laanat

source - FB

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