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In the Name of God بسم الله

Dar'ul_islam For Admin!

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Khadim uz Zahra

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Dar'ul_Islam for admin!

MacIsaac, Al-Mufeed, ~Ruqayah~, Nocturne and all the other admins out there, from what I know, since Her Highness, Lady Gypsy has resigned, we haven't got a substitute admin and I think Dar'ul_Islam is the perfect man for the job: he is very mannered, has loads of knowledge, not extreme in anyway, patient, not insulting, tolerant and also proficient in his use of language!

#Democracy, #DarulIslamforAdmin

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Firstly, you can't try to achieve your aims democratically in an autocratic, mackist system.

Secondly, the rightful admin has already been decided: hameedeh.

Jackson, Jackson, Jackson, don't jump the gun. Let's get Dar'ul_Islam first and, then, as Her Highness Gypsy has said, he will, as one of our cronies (don't reveal the secret to anyone...shushhh), make Hameedah admin, while removing all the Tyrants and Fascists from the admin list!

Khadim, is this all really neccessary?

Everyone knows you are trying to infiltrate the moderators’ team with your cronies. :dry:

Besides, everyone knows that Admins are selected in alphabetical order!

Shush! Keep the plan low; don't worry, you will get your share!

Didn't get the alphabetical thing... :unsure:

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