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In the Name of God بسم الله

Angels Collect The Tears Shed On Imam Husain (as)

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Regarding the Almighty’s words in Sura-e-Baqara, Verse 84-86:

و اذ اخذنا ميثاقكم لا تسفكون دماءكم و لا تخرجون انفسكم من دياركم ثم اقررتم و انتم تشهدون ثم هولاء تقتلون انفسكم و تخرجون فريقا منكم من ديارهم تظاهرون عليهم بالاثم و العدوان و ان ياتوكم اسري تفادوهم و هو محرم عليكم اخراجهم افتومنون ببعض الكتاب و تكفرون ببعض فما جزاء من يفعل ذلك منكم الا خزي في الحيوه الدنيا و يوم القامۀ يردون الي اشد العذاب و مالله بغافل عما تعملون اوليك الذين اشتروا الحيوه الدنيا بالاخره فلايخفف عنهم العذاب و لا هم ينصرون

"And when We made a covenant with you: You shall not shed your blood and you shall not turn your people out of your cities; then you gave a promise while you witnessed. Yet you it is who slay your people and turn a party from among you out of their homes, backing each other up against them unlawfully and exceeding the limits; and if they should come to you, as captives you would ransom them - while their very turning out was unlawful for you. Do you then believe in a part of the Book and disbelieve in the other? What then is the reward of such among you as do this but disgrace in the life of this world, and on Judgment Day they shall be sent back to the most grievous chastisement, and Allah is not at all heedless of what you do. These are they who buy the life of this world for the hereafter, so their chastisement shall not be lightened, nor shall they be helped."

When this verse was revealed about Jews who broke promises and slew their prophets and apostles, the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s.) said: Do you want me to inform you about those from my Ummah who will be like these Jews? The companions said: O Allah’s Messenger, tell us.

His Eminence (s.a.w.s.) said: There will be some people in my Ummah who will claim to be on my religion but inspite of this they would kill the greatest personalities of my progeny and the purest ones of my family. They will change my laws and traditions and slay my two sons, Hasan and Husain (a.s.). The forefathers of these Jews slew Zakariya and Yahya (a.s.). Know that, just as Allah cursed those Jews, in the same way would He curse these people. And for the future generation of them, He would send a Hadi Mahdi (rightful guide) from the progeny of Husain (a.s.) before Qiyamat who would dispatch them to Hellfire with the help of his friends’ swords.

Know that, Allah curses those who remain quiet and do not curse the murderers of Husain (a.s.) and associates of murderers. May Allah have mercy on those who weep on this oppressed one, curse his enemies and remain furious with them. O people, listen! Those who are pleased with the martyrdom of Husain (a.s.) and are also included among his killers. And listen! Those who follow Husain’s (a.s.) enemies and their associates, they all are disgusted of the religion of Allah.

Almighty Allah orders His proximate angels to collect tears of people who weep in sorrow of Husain (a.s.) and take them to the treasurer of Paradise. They take those tears and mix them with the water of the spring, due to which it becomes a thousand times sweeter and delicious. Those who become happy on the martyrdom of Imam Husain (a.s.) and laugh at it, the angels take their tears to Hawiya and mix them with its hot water and pus so that its temperature and severity increase. When the enemies of Aale Muhammad (a.s.) enter Hell, due to this, they will be involved in a more severe chastisement.

[source: Tafseer of Imam Hasan Askari(as), Sura-e-Baqara, Verse 84-86]


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u know that whole book is considered mawdoo (fabricated) right???

I would hesitate to take from that book.

Al-Khoei also says:

هذا التفسير لا يشك في أنه موضوع‏

Translation: There is no doubt that this Tafseer is mawDoo’ (fabricated).


1. Al-Khoei, Mu'jam Rijaal Al-Hadeeth, vol. 12, pg. 147, under person # 8428


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Found a couple of more Narrations on some what similar lines.

1) Imam Jafar bin Muhammad (as) said:

من دمعت عينه فينا دمعة لدم سفك لنا ، أو حق لنا نقصناه، أو عرض انتهك لنا أو لاحد من شيعتنا بوأه الله تعالى بها في الجنة حقبا

"Allah will save the tears of whosoever sheds tears for us, whether it be for the spilling of Our blood, the usurpation of Our rights, or the violation of our honour or the honour of our Shia. These tears will be saved in containers in Paradise."

[source: Al Amali - Sheikh Mufeed Pg:175]

2) Imam Husain (as) Said:

عن الحسين بن علي عليهما السلام قال: ما من عبد قطرت عيناه فينا قطرة، أو دمعت عيناه فينا دمعة إلا بوأه الله بها في الجنة حقب

"The Tears of those slaves who shed tears on us will be collected and kept in containers in Paradise for them."

[source: Al Amali - Sheikh Mufeed Pg:340]


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