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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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as salaam alaykum

I'm gonna be travelling around Latin America for a few month (starting november) and I have many questions about it (not sure about how open minded they are towards muslims especially since i am white). I'd like to go to Chile, Argentina and Mexico (Chiapas). If time/money permits I could also go to Costa Rica, Bolivia and Urugay.

Anyway I'd like to get in touch to get some tips so Insha Allah get in touch with me



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There are a lot of Shias in Buenos Aires, Argentina. http://muharram.shia...46c0ed19bdc4b6b <-- This is a video, take a look. There is also a Shia Masjid located somewhere in West Buenos Aires. You can send an email to Press tv. They'll tell you about it :)

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Hello ,

I need a favour ....would it possible to pass me information about schools in Argentina ....specialy so shia girl and boy .Both public and private schools .

Shia family shifting to Argentina looking for IGCSE school system for their kids

Grade 8 ,6 and 3 

Moderate school .

Anyone is here from Argentina 

Plz get in touch 

Will appreciate for feedback


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I'll give the info re: Shi'a centers in Latin America (you gonna have to google to fine the websites etc. though :-)) In general you won't find the Islamophobia that you may experience in the "west" in Latin America - although there may be plenty of ignorance - that is due to a lack of knowledge, generally the "masses" - not the light skinned/white elites - are very receptive , and welcoming. 

Mexico City has a Shi'a Center, Chiapas (San Cristobal - and elsewhere) has Sunni centers. 

 La Paz (Boivia) has a Shi'a Center 

Chille also does, but I'm not sure of the location/city ... 

Quito, Ecuador has a very active Shi'a center - they regularly hold educational seminars . 

Colombia also has very active Shi'a centers 

enjoy your trip/travels. 


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