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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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Any Turks on this forum? I would really like to know how is life in Turkey? I mean is there any sectarian discrimination and does a shiite(twelver) community exist there, are there any big job oppurtunities, how are the developmental prospects over there?


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Been there several times, it's a beautiful country, and Istanbul in particular is a beautiful and historic city. There are Shiites there as well as Alevis. I'd say discrimination is more along ethnic lines than sectarian, especially as the number of Shiites do not present a political threat as such. The discrimination you will find, is aimed more at the Kurds.

It's a strong and independent country and has a strong manufacturing industry, they are rather self-sufficient in that sense. It is for sure an emerging economy.

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not Turkish, but ive visited the country extensively and know alot about the culture. The Turks are a very respectful and cultured people. At the same time they seem to be natural salesmen, so they always seem to want to convince you to do something. On that note they tend to be very secular, as religion isconsidered very personal to them, unlike Arabs and Pakistanis, as well as some others. Turkey is friendly to all religions, when i visited they were openly selling Christian, shiite, and Sunni religious objects in the market for example. There are many Alevis in Eastern and central bits of Turkey. Alevis are a sect that is virtually the same as Shiism. There is no relgious discrimination at all, to Sunnis, Shiites, Jews, Christians...etc. On that note however, they are somewhat, at least personally hostile to some ethnicities, namely Greeks, Armenians, and Arabs to some degree, but they are too polite to show it.

No i dont believe i have come across any Turks on this forum, or Azeris.

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