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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

What's The Reason Behind Creation Of Human Beings?

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What is the reason behind creation of human beings? Allah (swt) knows everything and He knows what is awaiting each one of us and which actions he is going to perform, and if he is going to be of the people of paradise or the ones of hellfire. So, what is the aim and reason in view of the fact that Allah (swt) is justice and in view of the fact that Allah (swt) is not in need of any person to worship Him, furthermore the creation of human beings leads in the overwhelming cases to their suffering due to their sins in this world and the hereafter?


Please read the following Tafseer of Ayahs 56-58 of Surah 51, from Tafseer Numana by Ayatollah Makarim Shirazi:


Among the most important questions any one may ask himself is:``Why am I created? What is the purpose behind my creation?''

The verse gives a brief and yet rich answer to this question:

"I did not create Jinn and Mankind except to worship me. I demand no sustenance of them, nor do I want them to feed me; because I am the true Provider for and the Sustainer of all creation.''

A wise being does not do anything without a purpose. Then what is the purpose of God behind our creation? Had He any shortcomings to make up by our creation? We do know that God's existence is perfect in all aspects and respects.

The above verses put the emphasis and stress on Man's service and worship, which is supposed to be the final goal of creation.

Then it is important to know what does service to God, or worshipping Him, really mean?

The Arabic,``Abd'' which is usually translated to ``servant" or "slave", alludes to someone who completely belongs to his Lord. He puts himself into accord with His will. He never acts sluggishly in obeying his Lord. He is the most humble before his Master. Therefore being a true servant of God is the summit of nearness to Him. The servant in such a position serves his Lord unconditionally, and only to please Him.

It has been narrated from Imam Hussain (a.s) that: ``Allah has created Man in order to know him. When he knows God, he will worship him. When he worships God (properly and with knowledge), he will not worship any one else other than God.''

To turn the matter the other way, we may say : ``Creation is not a playtoy in the hand of God, He certainly has a serious purpose behind it.''

Knowingly or unknowingly, every creature is in search of his Creator. It seems that the ultimate goal of any creature is to move in search of his Creator, and to know Him more and more, and better. Worshipping God is a means of finding Him and knowing Him more.

God is the source of all goodnesses and beauties. We are by instinct in love with goodness and beauty. Our progress and evolution depends on how near we approached to the source of beauty. Allah, through His Grace and Mercy provides for our progress towards beauty and goodness, which He has no benefit in our success and failure. He demands no sustenance from us, nor does He want us to feed Him. He is All-might and Power, and is the Provider for and Sustainer of all creatures.

To commit sins or not to commit them, depends on mankind themselves, which means: how they had worshipped, obeyed, and known Him.

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