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In the Name of God بسم الله

Blood And Prayer - Contradictory Rules ?

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As salam aleikum

Sorry for bringing another thread regarding validity of prayer, but there I go.

As I was sitting for tashahud, I felt a small pain in my left foot which I was relying on.

As I stood up after prayer I noticed a very small cut on my foot with blood which seemed to have dried.

I realized that even after reading many times about it, I never got to know rulings about blood in prayer.

Once again, I came across rules that got me confused.


Can you please have a look to rules 856 and 858 :

856. * In the following three cases, the prayers offered by a person will be valid, even if his body or dress be najis:

  • If his body or dress is stained with the blood discharged from a wound or a sore on his body.
  • If his body or dress is stained with blood, spread over a space lesser than a dirham (which is almost equal to the upper joint of the thumb).
  • If he has no alternative but to offer prayers with najis body or dress. Further, there is one situation in which, if the dress of one who prays is najis, the namaz will be valid. And that is, when small clothes like socks, scalp caps are najis. Rules of these four situations will be explained in details later.

857. * If the body or the dress of a person wishing to pray is stained with blood from wound or sore etc, he can pray namaz with that blood as long as the wound or the sore has not healed up. And the same applies to pus, which may flow out with blood, or any medicine which became najis, when applied to the wound or the sore.

858. If blood on the dress or the body of a person who is praying, originates from a small cut or wound which can be healed easily, and which can be washed clean, then his namaz is void.

Thess two are clearly contradictory to me : my situation can apply to both, and I really don't know what is to be understood here.

My small cut was smaller than a dirham, yet it could have been washed easily...

What is the logic behind these rules ?

Any answer appreciated.

Salam aleikum

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