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In the Name of God بسم الله

Is Personal Bankruptcy A Sin?

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Al Salam Alikom

I searched Shia Chat first, could not find a topic with bankruptcy in the title with this question.

If someone legitimately needs to file for bankruptcy. Is it a sin? What do different marajea say about this? Especially Sistani and the Leader.

Jazakom Allah Khair

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I heard this would be a sin because there would be loss of the rights of others. When you file for bankruptcy the people or organizations you owe money to cant ask you to pay them back. An assigned trustee does what the government rules in these situations and the people you owe money to end up getting very little to almost nothing back from the money they lent you.

I think it's not a sin because this is something they agreed to in the beginning when they decided to loan you the money. But I dont want to be making excuses for myself, so I thought of asking.


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Can anyone please give the opinion of marajae.

Apparantly this does not look like a sin, its like giving a person new chance to restart. As for other peoples rights are concerned they will not ba paid even if the person does not apply for bankrupcu as he/she doesnt have the resources to repay anyway.

However, an honest and dignified person will endeavor to repay the people what was owed to them before bankrupcy irrespective of what law says.

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