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In the Name of God بسم الله

Converted From Sunni To Shia. Must Be Reply

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I have heard of very well organized Ahmadi and Islmaili supporting organizations here in canada which financially help and support new Ahmadi and Ismaili immigrants (and they are VERY well organized and helpful towards newcomers to canada of their own faith).

But a financial support system for people who just convert to shiaism? LOL InshAllah the WHOLE world would want to become "Shia" that way (hey is that a bad thing? :shifty: )

On a serious note though, it would definitley encourage people to come to Shiaism for WORDLY reasons (i.e. money) instead of the real reasons for which they should be. However speaking from experience (ex-sunni living in a sunni majority neighbourhood) I could have definitley used a more welcoming shia community (as in one that holds regular community events, outreach and community building programs where you can meet and make new friends of your own faith).

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