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In the Name of God بسم الله

2012 Hadith Timeframe, Possible Alignment

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How is the GCC (gulf cooperation council) related to the Sufyani?

For those who are not aware of the GCC (according to wiki)

The Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (CCASG; Arabic: مجلس التعاون لدول الخليج العربية‎), also known as the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC; مجلس التعاون الخليجي), is a political and economic union of the Arab states bordering the Persian Gulf and located on or near the Arabian Peninsula, namely Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates. Jordan and Morocco have been invited to join the council.


First of all it seems like the GCC countries are the only countries not having any leadership changes from the Arab Spring.

Secondly the relationship between the GCC and Israel is so good that they don’t condemn each other and seem to agree on all issues. In other words the GCC have accepted Israel in the Middle East and so they have submitted to the Dajjal and his system. And Israel will not spread fitna in its own districts.

The above includes Morocco and Jordan, in fact Jordan is one of two Arab countries recognising the state of Israel publicly, the other is Egypt and that’s about to change soon with the new government.

So what do we understand from this?

Well, the Kings and Royals of given countries are all Sufyanis, because they are only Muslims by name. But their actions are the opposite. Greed and selfishness runs through this people and they will do whatever it takes for power/maintain power.

They have already begun uniting themselves in alliances and unions and contracts. All they need is a leader to lead them through these tough times with the global sedition. They wont share the wealth, and will kill instantly anyone who opposes them.

This is the system of the Sufyani for you, as illustrated by Abu Sufyan and the Ummayeds.

Interestingly there is always more, the Gulf States are clearly controlled by anti-shi’a governments and Wahhabis, and those from Jordan (sham) some who joined Mu’auyia’s rebellion against Imam Ali (as) leading to the Sunnite / Shi’ite split. When the Sufyani enters Demascus, the other half of his army will come from the Syrian (sham) and they are from kalb tribe. Currently they are rebelling in homs. Banu Kalb location. you see, it all adds up.

And then Morocco, what brings Morocco to the Middle East? Its not complicated at all. When the Abbasids overthrew the Ummayeds; the dynasty didn’t perish, instead it moved its headquarters to the Al Andalus (Spain) and it kept the Moroccan territories under its control, so they kept their influence of glorifying the Ummayeds and damning Ahlulbayte (as) and the Shi’a. Today many Moroccans are living like Europeans, while the others are very strict and extreme.

Abbasid (light green) and Ummayed (dark green):


When its put together, we can understand why the Army of the Sufyani will be so brutal and oppressive so that it commits such atrocities. They will be brainwashed to an extreme extent that they will believe they are killing in the name of Allah سبحانه وتعالى. At the same time they will be hypocrites. Its like history repeating itself but in a much bigger scale and this time its much, much more serious than ever before.

Other than an economic relation, the GCC also allows countries from the union to share intelligence and allow for military deployment (as seen in Bahrain*).

So the Sufyani will not fight to conquer the Arabian Peninsula, its already under his control and so we understand how he will be able to send troops to Arabia.

Jordan to send 70,000 to the Gulf in 2012.

Islam Times: The Iraqi channel “Al-Itijah” reported that sources in the Jordanian opposition pointed out that Abdullah II is leasing Jordanian soldiers, and each soldier is getting paid nine thousand dollars per month.

The Jordanian opposition sources confirmed that Abdullah II responded to an urgent request from the Persian Gulf states in line with Jordan's upcoming requirements for joining the GCC Council in the Persian Gulf, and sitting on the 7thchair of this group, and that Jordan will start sending those numbers of troops early 2012.

The sources revealed that the figures to be sent to the Persian Gulf states will be divided as follows:

- UAE: fifteen thousand troops.

- State of Qatar: eleven thousand troops.

- Kingdom of Bahrain: six thousand soldiers; who of coursel already there as the opposition stated.

- Saudi Arabia: more than thirty thousand troops.

- Kuwait: ten thousand Jordanian troops.

In 2009: Moroccan and Jordanian forces join Saudi offensive against Houthis

it has already begun ^

The sufyani system (GCC), the Yamani system (Houthis), the Khorasani system (Iran)

The dry valley (wadi al yabis) where the sufyani will emerge is located in Jordan, and so he will rise in Jordan and go to Syria.

When the GCC collapses (end of sufyani), then Israel will follow inshallah.

Good going Brother, keep it up!

Can you please shade more light on this issue.

Also share analysis about Yajooj Majooj.

Yajooj and Majooj is a big topic and if I start it here it will overtake the purpose of this thread.

Nothing is certain and inshallah the Qa'im (as) will fill us in with the real truth and details about them and their breach into our world.

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i didn't have to read more than 2 lines to know this is delusional garbage


You call the signs of prophet muhammed (saws) and ahlul bayt garbage?

May god be with you.

And yes the yamani isint the houthis(movement) its the seyad nasrallah movement with hiz

Everything is set in motion

It is only a matter of months between us and the real situation that's soon to occur, inshallah!

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Yamani System is not the Houthis, its the Lebanese. Yamani does not mean Yemeni, Yamani comes from the color Yellow, the famous flag of Hizb.

Only time will tell.

I too still think that Hezbollah are the best candidate for the Yamani as seen from my other posts, especially because they bear the yellow banner. I didnt know that Yamani comes from colour yellow, thanks for that. Hassan Nasrallahs is a Hashemite and his ancestors are from Yemen. But remember this, the houthis have a better chance at creating a country unlike Hezbollah which is surrounded by powerful enemies and neighbours. The houthis have overthrown all powers over them, and the houthis are not restricted by the constitution of government decisions. Again Hezbollah has to play by the rules due to the demography and position of Lebanon. While houthis might create the right Sharia in their regions and so they can invite people to the truth, they can also ban the selling of weapons and ban any foreign intervention. Hezbollah is too deep in the conflict, and they need weapons to survive. I could be wrong, but in the thread "houthis, 100,000 as of 2011" there is a video in which you can see yellow banners amongst green banners, even on cars. The youtube channel has many videos about the houthis.

Anyway here are some hadiths that might help us determine something new, perhaps together we can crack it:

I asked Abu Abdullah as-Sadiq(as);When will the deliverance of your Shia come?

He said ; When the Abbasids disagree, their rule will become

weak, those, who have never thought of rule, will seize the opportunity to gain

their (the Abbasids') rule, the Arabs will become uncontrolled, as-Sufyani will

rise, al-Yamani will come with his army, al-Hasani will move with his troops

and then al-Qa'im will appear in Medina and move towards Mecca with the

heritage of the Prophet (pbuh)

^Who is Al Hasani and where could he be from? Is he good or bad? zionist King abdullah of jordan claims ancestry to Imam Hassan (as). (this claim could be a huge fabrication to use him as an excuse to rule over the Shi'a.)

Another hadith:

His Eminence, Ali (a.s) explained the characteristics of Imam Mahdi (a.s), characteristics and number of his followers, the Hasanid Sayyid who would pledge allegiance to him.

the Hasanid will pledge allegiance to Imam Mahdi(as). So its unlikely that he will be Abdullah of Jordan.

In another Hadith:

Sufyani was mentioned before Aba Abdillah as-Sadiq (as). He said: "He (Sufyani) will not rise except after the rising of the one in Sana'a(Yemen).

^This hadith could be refering to Abdul Malik al Houthi from Yemen.

In another Hadith:

Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Sa'eed bin Oqda narrated from Ahmad bin Yousuf binYa'qoob Abul Hasan al-Ju'fi from Issma'eel bin Mihran from al-Hasan bin Ali bin Abu Hamza from his father and Wuhayb bin Hafs from Abu Baseer that Abu Ja'far al-Baqir (s) had said:

The family of so-and-so must rule.

When they rule and disagree among themselves, their state will be separated and lost.

Al-Khurasani and as-Sufyani will rise against them; this from the east and that from the west.

They will compete towards Kufa as two racehorses until that family will be perished by them.

Another Hadith:

Muhammad bin Hammam narrated from Ja'far bin Muhammad bin Malik from Ali bin Aasim from Ahmad bin Muhammad bin Abu Nasr that Imam Abul Hasan ar-Redha(as) had said:

Before the appearance of al-Qa'im, there will be the risings of as-Sufyani, al-Marwani, al-Yamani and Shu'ayb bin Salih.

^Al Marwani is another character.

Like you said brother, only time will tell. For those interested in this topic, it will be great help if you can keep up to date with current news about Hezbollah and the Houthis and let us know of any important developments.

i didn't have to read more than 2 lines to know this is delusional garbage

Imam abu Ja'far al-Baqir (as) said:

If the people of the family of so-and-so disagree

among themselves, then you wait for deliverance to come soon because your

deliverance will not come except after their disagreement. If they disagree,

then expect the cry in Ramadan and the appearance of al-Qa'im. Allah does what

he wills! Al-Qa'im will not appear and you will not get what you look forward

to unless those people disagree among themselves. If that occurs, people will

seize the opportunity against them, separation will occur and then as-Sufyani

will rise.

Are the people not disagreeing today all over the Arab world? should we not anticipate the appearance of Al Qa'im (as) becuase of such events?

**Note: The characters such as the hasanid and al marwani are not inevitable, so they may or may not appear.

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Here is he picture I took during my Umrah trip to Medinah about two years ago of the so called "Dajjals Palace". At that time, I had asked our driver and a local Shia guide, and both had said it was a Kings Palace. I was just amazed at how they probably wanted to live in luxury when they visited Medinah and how massive it was in comparison to all the other structures in the area, except for the Holy Prophets Masjid, Masjid Al Nabawi.

Based on our distance, as our hotel was across the street from Masjid Al-Nabawi, this was taken at maximum zoom from my Lumix camera, but it doesn't fully personify the actual size of this palace.


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He replied: When the men will resemble women and women will resemble men.When men will satisfy their lusts with men and women with women. When women will ride horses. False testimony will be accepted and true testimony willbe obstructed. Murder will be considered a minor thing. Adultery and usury will be common. People will fear the talks of the evil people. Sufyani will arise from Shaam and Yamani will appear from Yemen. The Baida desert will sink. A youth from Aale Muhammad will be killed between the Rukn and Maqam. He will be Muhammad bin Hasan Nafs-e-Zakiyyah. A call will come from the sky that the truth is with him and with all the Shias. At that time will arise our Qaim.

About that, I always wanted to know: What parts of modern day arabia was considered "Yemen" back then? (i.e the same way palestine, jordan, lebanon and parts of iraq were considered "Sham" back then) as it is important to make that distinction

I believe the misguided people who follow that ahmed al hasan character attribute him as the "Yamani" (even though he's from iraq) as they considered parts of iraq to be yemen back then lol

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Very interesting! But I wonder, if all this is true, how come Khamenei always says that the muslims countries are going to be united and that the end has come for the west rulers in the middle east and that better times are coming soon and so on?

The second thing i wonder is that, I heard that a man named Shuayb ibn saleh will come and 72 months (6 years) after him will Imam Mahdi as come. Is this true? And if it is, who is he?

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Very interesting! But I wonder, if all this is true, how come Khamenei always says that the muslims countries are going to be united and that the end has come for the west rulers in the middle east and that better times are coming soon and so on?

The second thing i wonder is that, I heard that a man named Shuayb ibn saleh will come and 72 months (6 years) after him will Imam Mahdi as come. Is this true? And if it is, who is he?

You have answered your own questions .

Khameni knows that only Imam Mahdi (as) can unite all the muslims and so he signalled this through the unity of Muslims. Also when the Imam (as) appears all the zionist rulers and corrupt leaders would have perished. The only good times on earth will be when our 12th Imam (as) appears, theres no other way this could happen before his advent. So we understand Khameni's statement that the time is near.

As for Shuayb ibn saleh, I have read that hadith too and I cant really answer whether its true or not, and there is only that one hadith with that time, I havent found others about the 72 months. and Allah knows best.

but know this: Shuaybe ibn Saleh means, commoner, the son of good(man). The name Shuaybe means one who shows to the right path.

So this is not his real name but a nickname. He will not be or act like a king or president or sultan, he will be of the common people and live normally like the people despite his high position.

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Yes you are probably right. But do you think that President Ahmadinejad can be Shuayb? That's what I thought at first but Ahmadinejad came 2005, and it's been already 7 years.

I have also heard that "Imam will come, the age of a human after an islamic revolution." I think this revolution is the revolution in Iran 1979. And I heard that the age of a human is 40 so that would mean that Imam will come around 2019. But some say that the age of a human is 33 because in paradise it is said that everybody is 33 years old (according to sunnis), Im not sure about the shias!

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Russian military drafts options for responding to attack on Iran

MOSCOW — Russia has been preparing for the prospect of an Israeli or

U.S. air strike on Iran in 2012.

Officials said the Kremlin has ordered the military to draft options for

a Russian response to any foreign attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. They

said the Defense Ministry has established a facility to monitor Teheran, an

ally and trading partner of Moscow.

The Russians will come to the Middle East, and they are no better than the Americans.

While in America, they are preparing the people for war. just watch this biased video from Zionist news:



When they attack Iran then you know the $ just hit the fan.

US, Europe look at fast but risky penalty on Iran

The United States and Europe are weighing unprecedented punishment against Iran that could cripple the country's financial lifeline but result in higher oil prices for the U.S. and its allies. Underscoring the potential costs, Iran on Wednesday cut oil exports to six European countries.

The Obama administration wants Iran evicted from SWIFT, an independent financial clearinghouse that is crucial to the country's overseas oil sales. That would leapfrog the current slow-pressure campaign of sanctions aimed at persuading Iran to drop what the U.S. and its allies contend is a drive toward developing and building nuclear weapons. It also perhaps would buy time for the U.S. to persuade Israel not to launch a pre-emptive military strike on Iran this spring.

I think it will be just easier to attack Iran than go through all the risky stuff.

Iran warships enter Mediterranean as tensions with Israel grow

Iran's warships entered the Mediterranean on Saturday to show its 'might' to regional countries, as a high-level American official arrived in Israel.


tentions are high and soon they will run through the roof. when that happens the big boys will start thrown big punches, like in a good street fight just the two guys punching each other till they're both bleeding and exhausted. eventually one of them cheats and pulls out a knife (nuke), stabs the other guy. and so everyone on both sides jumps in and a massive brawl breaks out. and that would be world war 3.

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SaIam brother. Thank you for the posts.

However, has any attack on lran been foretold by hadith? If it does happen, it will be a colossal event, much more significant and far reaching than the attack on Iraq. To my (very limited) knowledge (and please comment), no hadith exist about an attack on lran while the attack and subsequent carnage on Iraq were at the centre of hadith.

Please provide your opinion, although I pray that I am right in this case :D

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I was thinking the same actually. According to ahadeeth the khurasani forces will remain intact and on stand-by till the mahdi gives them the green light to bull-doze their way through to quds like an unstopable train. In the case that Iran is the khurasani force then nobody will be able to mess with them according to ahadeeth if I'm not wrong. WAllahu Aalam

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Many say that Shuayb ibn saleh is President Amadinejad. But it is said 6 years after, and Ahmadinejad has been president since 2005 which was 7 years ago. So do you think that Shuayb ibn Saleh has already arrived?

There is also a hadith where it is said that Imam Mahdi (as) will come after a time, which is as long as a humans life, after an islamic revolution, which I think is the revolution in Iran. It is said that a human life is 40 years but some say that in Islam, those who enter paradise will be 33 years old (which can also be the length of a human life). So the revolution was 1979. If a human life is 40 years than we end up in 2019, if a human life is 33 years that we end up in 2012 which is this year. Allah knows best!

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@ madzi

@ Philip

@ Game092

you guys completely forgot about NATO and US troops in Afghanistan

As far as we know about the Khorasani is that he will rise from Khorasan. Not Tehran or Esfahan, but Khorasan.

If the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was to refer to the entire Iran he would have called it by another name, like a wider regional name to include areas like the Rey (tehran region).

He specificly refered to Khorasan, He(khorasani) will rise in Khorasan, not near the border of Iraq.

The way I see it is that Iran will be attacked and there will be heavy casualties, but as history proved numerous times; Iran doesnt stop because of casualties, this isn't a major factor, the Iranians are not scared to die and that is something to worry about for the Arabs and Zions.

The US is unable to keep its naval fleet and troops in the middle east forever, but Iran is in the middle east, and Iran is not going anywhere.

Iran will be attacked, becuase the whole conflict revolves around Iran. The US and Israel will also suffer HEAVY damage, and during that time the Turks(russians or turks) will come to the Sham. and during that time the Sufyani will fight Abqa and As'hab. And that time the Sufyani will win, and gaze towards Iraq.

Do you think that Iran will be in peace when the Turks come down to the Jazira? I dont think so...

Here is my take on this event.

The Iranians will line up on the Iran-Afghan border on the order of Sayed Khamenei, they will face the over 70,000 US troops. On the Afghan/Iran border the deadliest battles will occur in which it will become known as the battle of Khorasan, we will see a clear Iranian victory and as a result from the location, the leader of that campaign will earn the nickname Khorasani. When NATO loses in Afghanistan on the hands of Iranians and afghans, the Aryans and Taliban and all the rightous and oppressed will join up, maybe they will carry the black flags of the taliban and ride through Iran to the middle east to kick some *** and of course, to stop the sufyani. This is why the Yamani will be the most rightous, becuase the khorasani army will have many good hearted people but very brutal, they will show no mercy. As hadith states, woe to those who will reject any of the Sufyani or Khorasani. (It will be with us or against us moment.)

** The taliban are of the greatest fighters in this modern age, possibly the best in the world.

As for who and why...

I think Sayed Ali Hoseyni Khamenei is the Khorasani, he will order the liberation of Afghanistan when war breaks out. This must happen anyway, becuase the khorasani cant go to the middle east while the Americans occupy Afghanistan. There will be no such thing as a two front war for the khorasani, he will move as fast as the sufyani and then they will race to kufa. He will make Mashhad(Razavi Khorasan) the centre of his movement, near Imam Ridha (as) shrine

Shuayb ibn Saleh must be a good commander as he will lead the great army. We dont know if Dr Ahmedinejad is Shuayb ibn Saleh, we dont know if he is a good commander (even though he does seem like a historical character/ like someone who will make history). If Ahmedinejad leads the army to liberate Afghanistan, then yes it is him.

That army will have such high moral after a decisive victory, the army wont be stopped till it reaches Jerusalem..

A possible fitna could spread from the Iranian legislative election, 2012 (2nd march, 2012).

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^^ OK well this does not contradict that nobody will b able to mess with Iran until it's time to liberate quds.

Of course every nation and individual will suffer in struggle before this happens on all sides.

And may I ask on what basis you believe that Taliban specifically are the best fighters in the world?

Thank you for your generous input on this forum


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