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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Hard Water

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It tastes horrible. :sick: Most of the sources stated that hard water is not harmful for you health. You are supposed to boil the water before drinking or add limes.

Have you ever drank hard water from well or tap ? How does it taste for you?

One of my grandmothers in Oklahoma has hard water. It has a sulfur smell and tastes bad. Somebody told me it tastes like rotten eggs.

Even when you drink iced tea with sugar you can still taste it. Really horrible. Probably her ice is also yucky because it's made from the same water. :sick:

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Yes this past Winter Break I went down to Florida to babysit my sister's kids for her and I had no choice but to drink the tap water. It was pretty bad and it always seemed a little cloudy to me. And if I let a cup sit, later I would find some brown stuff had settled at the bottom of the cup. Not a lot, it wasn't a huge deal, but enough to make me dread drinking water. Alhumdulillah for filtered water.

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Salam everyone

Hard water is actually water with a relatively higher salt content than regular/water. I recently moved to a new area and we have hard water here. It tastes funny and leaves the hair all dried up and the scalp itchy. Although its not such a big problem, it has many solutions such as the ones listed above.

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The water was not cloudy or anything. I didn’t smell anything rotten in the water. When you taste the hard-water, it tastes really foul. I have also drink well water and that water was even harder than hard-water from the tap.

I like to make a correction in my first post about boiling the hard water. That information was misleading and it is from wikipedia. Boiling hard water doesn’t help at all.

I think people get used to the hard-water after sometimes? Am I correct?

If the water is too cloudy that may mean the water is contaminated, right?

What is the negative effect of drinking hard water?

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