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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Please- Is This An Authentic Work Of Imamsajjad As

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I have come across this piece of writing attributed to Zainul Abideen Aleihe Salam. I wondered could anyone say where it cam from and if it is in fact the work of the Imam AS?

I have only seen it performed by Qadiri Sufis from Pakistan/India...

Thank you for your help the dua follows in transliteration/translation and the arabic.


Qasida by Imam Zainul Abideen (AleihéSalaam)

Yaa Sayidee Irham lanaa

O'my Master, be merciful towards us


In nilta ya reehas sabaa yowman Ilaa aardil haram

Ballig salaami rowdatan feehan nabiyyul muhtaram

O Winds! If someday you pass by the sacred land, then pass my salaams

before the Rauza-e-Azqas where the most exalted Nabi s rests


Maw wajhuhoo shamsud duhaa man khadduhoo badrud dujhaa

Man zaatuhoo noorul hudaa man kaffuhoo bahrul hamam

He who's blessed face is the midday sun

and his blessed cheeks are the full moon

He who's self is the light of guidance and who's generosity is an ocean


Qur'aanuhoo burhaanoonaa faskhal li'adyaanin madat

Iz jaa'a naa ahkaamuhoo kulloos suhufi saaral adam

The Qur'aan is our source that shows the other religions are abbrogated,

when it's rules and regulation came to us

the other books became like non-existing


Akbaadunaa majruhatun min sayfi hijril mustafaa

Tubaa li ahleey baladatin feehan nabiyyool muhthashaam

The Sadness of separation from Madinah Paak feels like a sword stuck deep into my liver

How fortunate are the people of that city in which is the Exalted and Beloved Prophet s


Ya Rahmatal lilaalameen Anta shafi ul muznibeen

Akrim lanaa yowmal ha'zeen fadlaw wa joodaw wal karam

O' Mercy for All the worlds!, you are the intercessor for the sinners

Shower your blessings upon us on the day of grieve (Judgment)


Ya Rahmatal lilaalameen Adrik li zainil aabeedeen

Mahboosi aydiz zaalimeen fil mowkabee wal muzdahaam

O Rahmatulil Aalameen! Assist Zainil Abideen.

Who is standing alone and in difficulty amongst the tyrants.


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