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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Farid's Audio Review On Shia Hadith Science Rijal

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The topic isn't about how Sheikh Musawi debated. It is about our rijal history that the Sunnis mock about. Shouldn't we the shias of Ahlulbayt be having everything better in quality than them ? Then why do we falter here ?!

The mistake i believing them when they try to tell you it is such a fundamental aspect of religion. It's an artifical system that wasn't taught by the Prophet (pbuh) or the Imams (as). Sure, it has it's place, but founding your religion on it is ridiculous in my opinion. For an example of the absurdities it can lead to, you have a thread on HCY, where people are arguing that Muawiya didn't have a lust for power based on the fact that there is a sahih hadith from him saying he had no such intentions, with no sahih one clearly contradicting it. When you have arguments like this being made, then that tells you people are placing way too much importance on this system.

Anyway, given the requirements of taqiyya, I don't know if Shia scholars could have gone around testing Shia narrators in the way Sunnis could. That's not to say they couldn't have done more, but there were obviously more practical difficulties.

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^ Alsalam alaykum akhi,

Yes, this is Farid. I haven't been public about who I am, not out of fear of being banned. If you check out my last account, you will notice that I was unregistered, and not banned since I'm not really a fan of personal attacks.

That said, I didn't wish to share my identity since many here are not too fond of me or my views, and I'd rather not be pulled into discussion topics that will probably be created targetting me which is something that has happened in the past. You will notice that quite a few of my posts revolve around questions regarding books about history in general, Karbala, etc, instead of debating. However, my identity was known to a few of the members here that I did trust, and they had no problem with me participating in the forums in this manner.

As for the lecture, well, I'm certainly glad that it has reached some Shias and that they are open enough to accepting some of what I had to say.

The Shi'ee ilmul rijal is pretty fascinating. Even though I believe it to be significantly weaker than Sunni ilmul rijal, I still see it as the main option for Shias when it comes to determining the authenticity of hadiths. Anyone who tries to disregard or downplays this clearly hasn't read the material by contemporary Shia hadithists.

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