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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Has Anyone Read The Hidden Treasure?

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has anyone has the chance to read The Hidden Treasure by Brother Jaffer Ladak?

we would be grateful for any feedback on the book inshallah.

please see below for more details about the book.

thank you

***** Now Available from

www.sunbehindthecloud.com *****

The Hidden


By Jaffer Ladak

The first ever biography of Lady Umm Kulthum (s) in any language

Her sermons and sayings with original Arabic text and commentary

The story of the events in Kerbala, Kufa and Damascus

from her unique perspective

The views of scholars about her birth, existence, and marriage to the

second caliph clearly presented and debated

Now Available from



"Profound investigation and convincing arguments"

Sheikh Mohammed Saeed Bahmanpour

"Meticulously researched.. long awaited answer to prayers"

Sheikh Abbas Jaffer

"An Impressive job..."

Sayyid Hadi al- Qazwini

"Outstanding research"

Brother Yahya Semour

**Visit the website for complete endorsements and samples pages**

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Currently reading it and I can't help but to cry for the oppressed Sayeda Umm Kulthum after every sentence.

I've gotten to chapter talking about her role in Karbala and it's taken me quite a while to read 2 sentences.


What does the book say about her marriage with umar - yes, no, maybe?

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What does the book say about her marriage with umar - yes, no, maybe?


The book lists many different view about her marriage.

1) She did not exist and therefore she could not have married

2) She married Umar and bore his children

3) The marriage to Umar was forced

4) Imam Ali married another lady to Umar

5) She married Umar but no one else after his death

6) She married Umar and others after his death

7) She married Aun ibn Jafar only

8) SHe married Aun ibn Jafar and other after his martyrdom

Sheikh Jaffer Ladak sides her marriage to Aun ibn Ja'far and not umar ibn Khattab. The most popular reasons (what society thought up) for this is:

1) How can Imam Ali marry her to the one who killed Fatima az Zahra?

2) Fatima az Zahra was angry with Umar when she passed away, so how can Imam Ali marry Umm Kulthum to him?

3) If she was at a mature age (she was either born in 6 or 9 AH), she was not of equal maturity to Umar ibn Khattab, so this wold go against hadith

4) If she was at marriageable age, she did not get married to someone with an equal status as her or from someone in Banu Hashim

5) There is no narration supporting the recitation of the marriage

6) Zainab al Kubra was not married at this time, so why would the younger sister get married first?

Sheikh makes a great argument as he says that the name Umm Kulthum was a popular name at this time. Umar ibn Khattab actually married several women by the name of Umm Kulthum. The one that might be mistaken by Umm Kulthum binte Ali is Umm Kulthum binte Abu Bakr.

After the Abu Bakr died, Asma bint Umays, his wife and the mother of Umm Kulthum bunt Abu Bakr, got married to Imam Ali (as). So Umm Kulthum bint Abu Bakr became the step daughter of Imam Ali and therefore he had responsibility over her. So this is probably the Umm Kulthum that Umar ibn Khattab married.

These answers are online as well. I've been searching for them as well but this book goes into more detail. Ask Imam Mahdi to guide you to the right answers and inshaAllah he will. If you cannot get your hands on this book, the answers are online, keep looking!

InshaAllah, I'll be writing a summary of the book soon, probably tomorrow or tonight. I will post it here.


Is this book available to read on the net....

As here in my country (India) dis book is not available....


I have not come across the book online (possibly because it is still new)

InshaAllah I'll be writing a summary of the book soon. I will post it.

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركته

Sorry to resurrect a dead topic like this, but you really should buy it. Sayyedah Umm Kulthoom [a] doesn't have many good biographies, if really any biography, and this is an excellent work exploring all the controversial stuff, like her marriage to `Omar b. al-Khattab. It also explains many aspects of her life, such as her as a reporter, her as a witness to Karbala'. It's a book anyone would be pleased to have a copy of, a really good investment, Ja`far Laddak did a great job writing it MashaAllah.

والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركته

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