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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Hey Soldier, Cry Out!

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Hey soldier, hey mother!

Cry out, because you have the right to cry. Maybe you have not seen your child for months or years. Your sweet child. An innocent child who could not bear having the mom away and who have missed you more than you do.

Cry out soldier, Cry out to relieve your pain.

Cry out that they have ignored your essence of motherhood by honoring you with these outfits which does not fit you.

Cry out for losing the crown honoring you a woman.

Cry out, because nothing is more joyful than being a mother.

They have deprived you from that and they have spoiled your taste.

But I have some word with you soldier,

You are a mother, you have the right to love your child… you have the right to miss her…

I have question:


Do you know this child?

Do you see how his father is fumbling his eyes with his eyes closed?

Can you realize how he has taken his child’s shoes off to calm him with his warmth?

This father is one of you and your friend's prisoners in Iraq…

What would happen if you allowed that father to see his child?

Do you think only you love your child??


What about this girl?

She used to run in the alleys of Basra, with a childish smile on her lips…

Now do you think the crimson stains of her dress are patterns of red roses or the traces of a fresh blood?

Or the red stains on the ground are petals of roses fallen from her dress?

What has her delicate face to do with the gun you have pointed toward her?

Look at how she is crying! Look at the blood tumbling down from her face!

Isn’t her blood more colorful than that of your child whom you have hugged so tightly?

Look at the state of this poor girl. This is consequence of what you and your friends have done which will remain with you forever…

This is what you have offered as a gift to this girl and her people...!


Do you recognize this father?

He is putting his daughter’s body beside other bodies in an unexplainable condition.

Do you remember? A few nights ago, you bombarded their house.

You and your colleagues.


What about this one?

Well, this is from Afghanistan.

Your former masterwork.

However will this father ever recover from this wound?

And you offered this gift to Afghan children in about one or two ago…

There are plenty of such cases to serve as examples…


Cry out soldier!

Cry out, but not only for your child whom you missed…

It might be unacceptable for you, but soldier! I see no empathy in your sorrow.

Cry out for the humanity which is crushed under you and your leaders’ feat…

Cry out for the empathy which has died inside you…

Cry out for the nobleness and free-heartedness which you all have lost…!

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wallah I swear by GOD,this is the same thing I was thinking few days back when I was watching videos of soldiers who were returning from IRAQ and they were so excited to meet there KIDS.

what about those people whome they killed in IRAQ and Afghanistan.

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People like ChristianLady assume these soldiers are out to bring "democracy" and that a few of them are murderers.

How do you bring democracy? How does this make sense? Do the soldiers themselves have any common sense to know what democracy even means?

So you put a gun at the back of their head, reap them of their resources and wealth, then leave them in civil war and poverty, then all of a sudden, democracy has been brought?

This is pathetic. This is terrorism and imperialism, not democracy.

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