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In the Name of God بسم الله

Poor Availability Of Our Books Of Knowledge

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As salam alaykum wa rahmatullah,

Since becoming Muslim, and as a follower of the Ahlulbayt AS, I have always been surprised about the small amount of books that have been translated in English.

When you go to a sunni bookshop, you will find all their books of ahadiths and others widely available, and at cheap price. However, we find that we dont even have all our Kutub al arba translated, apart from Al Kafi, which is not available anymore and was extremely expensive...

I just don't understand, why is it only the elite which have access to knowledge, and why people like me or you do not have access to that knowledge??

Surely, there will be people capable of translating those books....

Your thoughts please.

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Salam brother/sister why wait years for a few books here and there to get translated when you can learn Arabic and have access to ALL of them? And it's not limited to the elite. Just about every person with a good grasp of Farsi, Urdu, and Arabic has access to these books. All of the major, important books (and thousands more) we have today are available online for free on so many websites. The only main Shia group that is left out is the English group and tbh you have to remember that Shia Islam has only been spreading more noticeably in English-speaking countries over the last 10 years or so, compared to the decades that Sunni Islam has been spreading. It's not easy to translate books with thousands of pages of text; it takes time and funding. So i would recommend saving yourself the time, trouble, and money by taking a couple of years to have a good grasp of Arabic. Then you can let loose on all of the books you've ever dreamed of an more. Until then, enjoy this: http://www.*******.org/ May Allah(swt) bless you

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