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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Gaddafi's, Who Really Killed Him?

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Okay, so apparently some 18-19 year old teen shot Qaddafi dead, however is that truly the story?

Qaddafi was very "strong/powerful" and somewhat an intelligent man, he knew HEAPS of super important secrets, and new for a fact that his life is in danger, and that everyone would hunt him down eventually. So would it really be that easy to find him? Didn't he have a hiding spot? Anyone of his "importance" would've... Or was he killed off because he knew too much, and who ever wanted him dead, didn't want him to let the cat out the bag, not to mention he became powerless, useless and vulnerable (so he would've been a threat), so they gave away his position, or whatever to get him killed?

I mean how stupid must those people be to have tortured and killed him straight away, without knocking some secrets out of him, for example where Sayed Moussa is, and whether he's dead or alive!

(P.S. excuse my title, i have no idea what happened there :rolleyes: )

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i killed him

Musa Sadr is long gone 3ayne, Inshallah ya Rab im wrong, but he is gone unfortunately

which is why i killed him


Oh hush up, but yeah im pretty sure hes gone, but allahu a3lam. But at least where is his body? He deserves a proper burial at least.

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This is a very good question. I had the same question in mind.

How come a man who had a 'police state' according to many, he had a brutal intelligence agency and was controlling the country with an iron fist, fall so easily in the hands of a few rebels who took him out from a hole. I don't think he was taken out from that hole.. He was probably been arrested and tortured for a few days before brought up to that open area, filmed, beaten and killed.

For example, look how Saddam managed to hide for long even after new Iraqi government was in place looking for him, Americas were on the ground with 100s of thousands of troops looking for him, while in Libya no one was on the other side of Gaddafi's war-zone, he could hide, escape or relocate very easily. Finally was captured while 4 people were guarding him in a hole? It is either this story is fake or that he was not really a tyrant dictator who was in control of everything. In reality other people ran the show for him as double agents and finally tossed him and kicked him out of the game to prepare and empty ground for NATO's invasion of Libya.

Also the story of his sons being captured, then released and then again recaptured, they all do not make any sense, who were behind all those dramas!

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