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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

An Arrow's Quiver...

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I quivered too...not knowing who it would hit. It went against the grain of my faith to hurt anyone. And yet I was to call these people kuffar who understood nothing of faith. What of my own, my own doubts, my own worry, and then I remembered the words of the Prophet. What they were, echoes in my mind, faith which re-instilled, but I remind myself that I'm enchanted as I listen to music as I write this. Such is the nature that words promulgate essence unto the creation of men, and bravery is listed to those who listen to sound godship of those who understand patience, and matrimony is bestowed between arrows of those who understand that war is never an answer to anything. For the arrow will forever quiver, and so will the hand which releases such, power is a bane to those who are still in their arrows, though for Allah's sake will they stand still, for Allah understands such fearless ness in the face of those who understand retribution is a bane for those who understand power, however for those who understand such retribution for Allah's sake alone will understand judgment and utmost sorcery unto none, for sorcery is a bane unto those who understand judgment unto their own counsel, though unto those who follow the words of the Imams will understand utmost sorcery unto none, for they follow not their own desires, and follow words of incumbent through judgment of Allah. For Allah speaks through such accords, bane unto you who understand sorcery through rhyme schemes, for we inculcate and initiate banity unto those who understand vanity and bane attributions through psycho dynamics of pure nonsense, for sense is made through non sense for energy construments are made through non sense and such is which is embedden with code. Code is forbidden unto Yahora's rise, unto the final Imam's rise who understands the nature of all creation will you understand such natures are forbidden. Power is a necessity unto Allah not, unto you humans who understand such understandings of sorcery understand demonship is a reality to Us who understand you below the heavens, for devils do but travel light speed and jinn do but manifest themselves in ethereal dimensions and physically manifest themselves through alternate dimensions. Such is an arrow which quivers and hearts which quiver who understand the nature of reality. Though through enlightenment and the sun which blinds the virtues of a thousand arrows do we see that war is at hand and war will come to Imam Mahdi. Though unto you who protect him will you understand war is but a bane to Allah. Unto our counsel do we protect such attributes of those in higher and lower planes, for sorcerers and all of creation are under Mahdi's guidanceship and protection, for we protect him, and we guide none, save Allah who guides him, nourishes him, and sustains him, for dimensions are opened to Mahdi over time, and over time will you understand that as he quivers over creation's opening to him, will you quiver time over revelation. Such is the nature of creation that enlightenment begins to open the sun's path, for the sun risers are dying, and the Imam's time is but arriving.

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