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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Is God's Revelation So Impotent?

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I have been on a truth-seeking, spiritual journey for some 11 or 12 years.

I currently live in an area of Kurdistan (not in Iran), where I have been exposed to Iranians and Shi'i Islam.

One thing - almost the main thing - that has troubled me about various religions that I have investigated, is their sheer parochialism.

In the case of, say, Mormonism. They would have you believe, that God wrote the Bible, then sent his Son, Jesus, at 0 AD - 33 AD, to create a Church, which fell into corruption when the Apostles died, and left the world in ignorance for 1,800 years until a fellow in upstate New York called Joe Smith, revealed the truth to humanity again.

So that out of the 100,000 years of human existence, and the the truth has only been available and on the earth for a few hundred years, to a few million people.

And this would also be the case with Shi'ism (and Islam as a whole, and Christianity as a whole). Most people, in most places, at most times, have never heard of Imam Ali.

That doesn't seem fair.

I thank you all prematurely for your input.

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Assalamu Alaikum,

You bring forward a very interesting point about religion in the sense that it if God made the world to worship Him, why do so few people know? I think the proper outlook is not the extrinsic doctrines of religion themselves but rathers its innate spiritual quality. Islam states that man was born with a fitra meaning a way or a path. This word is roughly the equivalent of the concept of the innateness of goodness and God fearing in the human. One can look at a child and see no hint of malice and only good in them. It is the stress, tribulations and difficulty of the environment around him that molds him into a depraved individual. Individual forces are also at play where man is given choices and chooses to oppress others rather than assist them.

It is these intrinsic principles of goodness and innate fear of God that Islam asserts is the natural path. The Quran and Imams' goal is to keep people on this path and to not lead them astray. It is an inevitable occurrence that man will fall in sin due to the mulitutude of choices and goals.

As for the expectation that God must make his message available to everyone, this is an expectation you place on God based on your reasoning and would not necessarily be the way that He wanted his message to come about. One could always think the world better this way or that way but you can't know for sure. I think most certainty that if everyone were to know of His message, it would amount to either a decrease in free will or some creepy voice telling you something out of nowhere. Perhaps He wants us to work from the ground up and build something fantastic. Like a child with toys, who somehow makes something like a computer out of his own ingenuity. It is perhaps that creativity and effort that God cares for most.

God judges us all for our experiences and He is the best of guides.

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Perspective & experience shapes Free will....

People who think its easy to believe havent suffered. Its super hard to believe in something you have not felt!

Its not god its how people teach us about god..... go on line put the word islam and ask yourself a question: based on what i read about muslims would I choose to be one!

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