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Shia Namaz

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hey guys... i need to know shia namaz e tarika in detail..kindly help me out..kis namaz me kitni farz aur sunat hain ..nd hlp

This might help bro :



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2 raka'at nafilah ("sunnah") of fajr to be prayed before fajr

2 raka'at faridah (obligatory) of fajr

8 raka'at nafila of THur (zuhr) to be prayed before THur (pray them like you would pray 4 fajr, each with own niyyah of nafilah of THur)

4 raka'at faridah of THur

8 raka'at nafila of 'asr to be prayed before 'asr (pray them like the nafilah of THur)

4 raka'at faridah of 'asr

3 raka'at faridah of maghrib

4 raka'at nafilah of maghrib to be prayed after maghrib (pray them like you would pray 2 fajr, each with their own niyyah of maghrib)

4 raka'at faridah of 'ishaa'

2 raka'at nafilah of 'ishaa' to be prayed after 'ishaa' while sitting down, thus a witr salah.

Also, there is tahajjud (Salatul layl), a total of 11 raka'at

8 raka'at nafila of Layl (to be prayed like the nafilah of THur, but with different niyyah, of course)

2 raka'at Salatul Shafa' (I believe that is how it spelled) (to be prayed like fajr)

2 raka'at Salatul witr to be prayed like nafilah of 'ishaa'

In addition, timings may be found here http://www.al-islam....amaaz1.html#776


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