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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Umayyads Or Abbasids?

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Al Hamdulilah hir rabil ala meen

Wa salatu was salamu ala Sayyidna wa Nabeyna

Abal Qasim Muhammad , wa Ahlelbayt at tabiyeen at tahireen

wa ashabil ghuril Mayameen

(salam) Brothers and sisters,


I have been asked by my college to do my own study on a topic which would cover a period of 100 years.I need to make a question and than present my whole essay in answering the question as I go along also providing arguements etc.I need to show some key concepts such as causation , continuity , change , consequence and significance.

I want to do something unique and something Im good at which is why I have chosen to work on our Islamic History.

I have come up with the following question so far ,

The Ummayads:A golden period of Islam or an era of destruction?


The Abbasids:A golden period of Islam or an era of destruction?

What would you advise which one shall I go for The Ummayads or The Abbasids and why?

Any other suggestions are welcomed regarding the QUESTION which would come under the topic of Islamic , Shia History etc.




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The westernized view tends to view Abbasids as having the "Golden age" because of the science and what not.

In my opinion, I would say they both can be applied to either of those stances, Umayyads spread the empire, but basically split the Muslims.

Abbasids distributed science and what not, but split the empire even further along with the religion.

It depends what you have the most knowledge of, if I were you though, I'd state the Umayyads on corruption. The reason why is because of the major impact Karbala set on the Muslim world.

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