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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Iran's Defense Chief Mocks Sarkozy's Vow

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Tue Sep 6, 2011 8:22AM GMT


Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi has lashed back at French President Nicolas Sarkozy over his recent 'threats' against the Islamic Republic.

Sarkozy's latest “threats arise from ignorance and clumsiness in his choice of words, something that the French president unfortunately suffers from,” said General Vahidi on Monday, quoted by IRIB.

Last Wednesday, Sarkozy warned that Iranian 'attempts' at building long-range missiles and “nuclear weapons” could lead unidentified countries to launch 'pre-emptive strikes' against the Islamic Republic.

The Iranian defense minister dismissed Sarkozy's remarks as 'cheap talk' and noted that such rhetoric by the French president has long been discredited.

He further identified Sarkozy's threats as an attempt to cover up the 'crimes they now commit in the world in efforts to sway public opinion over the war in Libya.'

General Vahidi's comments come on the heels of Iran's Foreign Ministry's denunciation of the 'unrealistic remarks' by Sarkozy on Iran's nuclear program.

Sarkozy's accusations against Iran comes as the IAEA has conducted numerous inspections on Iran's nuclear facilities but has never found any evidence indicating that Iran's nuclear program has been diverted to a non-civilian application.

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sarkozy is a fool, simply, a question needs to be asked, if nations such as the US, Israel etc can hold nuclear weapons, why is it illegal for any other nation to do so? then people argue that, they are sensible etc and will not ever launch, but america has done it in the past twice? israel has shown the world that it does not care for civilian lives? what has iran done? and when the iyatullahs are saying they will never drop a nuclear bomb on any nation as it is against our ways and teachings, does the word of man not count for anything any more? ignorant fools they are, inshallah imam mahdi (as) will come quickly!


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<p>Haters gonna hate. The way forward is to make yourselves strong! More and more missiles, radars, ships and planes! Make yourselves undefeatable. Let them launch "pre-emptive" strikes. We don't fear death, and will never let anything stand in the way of our progress.</p>

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Nothing new, western politicians close their eyes and don't listen to Iranian officials.

Tue Jun 28, 2011 8:32AM GMT

“We possess the technology to build missiles with longer ranges but we do not need missiles with a range of more than 2,000 kilometers and we do not intend to produce them,” IRNA quoted Commander of the Aerospace Division of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh as saying on Tuesday on the sidelines of the Great Prophet 6 drills.


Fri Sep 2, 2011 10:1PM GMT

International Atomic Energy Agency Director General Yukiya Amano's latest report has confirmed that Iran's civilian nuclear activities are transparent and have not been diverted, Iran's ambassador to the IAEA says, Press TV reports.


Tue Sep 6, 2011 9:20AM GMT

Iran's Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi has deplored NATO's plan to deploy its missile shield in Turkey, insisting that the Islamic Republic will never tolerate an attack from any source.


December 8, 2010 at 5:00 am

Iran is planning to place medium-range missiles on Venezuelan soil, based on western information source, according to an article in the German daily, Die Welt, of November 25, 2010. According to the article, an agreement between the two countries was signed during the last visit o Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to Tehran on October19, 2010. The previously undisclosed contract provides for the establishment of a jointly operated military base in Venezuela, and the joint development of ground-to-ground missiles.


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Sarkozy's warning is less concerned with Iran and more with creation of a tense political atomsphere that would increase the sales of armaments in the region and stimulate the French economy.

However, this little midget should be ridiculed because of his height. Apparently he is very insecure about being short.

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