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In the Name of God بسم الله

Humans Before Prophet Adam (a.s)?

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I was talking to a sister and she said that human beings existed before Prophet Adam (as) and had to exist in order to marry his sons and carry on the human race, ive never heard that human beings existed before Prophet Adam (as) because ive always thought that he was the first human being on earth.

Does someone have any info?


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I do not reject this, but where is the evidence?

Doesnt it say somewhere that Adam was the first man on earth, because he got rejected from the heavens?

Where is the evidence?

http://en.wikipedia....ki/Ardipithecus 5.6 - 3.9 million years ago

http://en.wikipedia....ustralopithecus 3.9 - 1.7 mya

http://en.wikipedia....hecus_afarensis 3.9 - 2.9 mya

http://en.wikipedia....hecus_africanus 3 - 2 mya

http://en.wikipedia....ki/Paranthropus 2.7 - 1.2 mya

http://en.wikipedia....nthropus_boisei 2.6 - 1.2 mya

http://en.wikipedia....hropus_robustus 2.0 - 1.2 mya

http://en.wikipedia....ki/Homo#Species 2.5 - 0 mya

http://en.wikipedia....ki/Homo_habilis 2.3 - 1.4 mya

http://en.wikipedia....ki/Homo_erectus 1.9 - .1 mya

http://en.wikipedia....iki/Homo_sapien .195 - 0 mya

Theres a pretty basic rundown of human history going back about 5.6 million years. Based on the morphology of some of these older guys, they go back before Adams time.

If you compare each species of human, as you get closer and closer to todays time, you can see the humans get taller, their backs straighten out, their pelvis reforms in a way which suits upright walking. Their foramen magnum changes in a way which allows them to look forward. Their brain capacity increases, their canines shrink in size, their eyebrow ridges grow smaller (which hold smaller muscles for smaller jaws which hold smaller teeth), and over time you find increased use of advanced tools and fire.

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I thought the islamic view was that angels married Prophet Adam's sons? But i do believe evolution can be an islamic principle

I have read those hadith as well, or perhaps it was just one. Hoori were sent down to marry the sons of Adam. Regardless though, we have bones, therefore we know who was around. Whether or not it was they who married Adams sons is unassociated with whether or not they were there before his time.

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Regardless though, we have bones, therefore we know who was around.

This is a bit off topic but it reminds me of an evangelical Christian that was talking on the radio. She thought dinosaur bones must be a hoax because it doesn't fit into the story of creation she was told.

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