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How To Pick A Marja

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Salam Alaykom brothers and sisters!

Can somebody please help me? I´ve heard that you have to be chosen a marja, if not, all of your dids will be void?

And how do I choose? What is the difference between them and what if someone is wrong about something? Do I have to be careful with who I´m choosing?

Many questions, sorry about that. But I want to make it right, because you can´t change your marja once you´ve chosen one?


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Wa alaykum salaam

brother, you should choose a marja, because you are looking for the most learned person to emulate, the stuff you have written above

"all of your dids will be void"

"you can´t change your marja once you´ve chosen one"

makes no sense, whilst it is true, that those do seem to be the rules, if you think about it logically, it makes no sense

if you want my advice, pick a main stream marja, like sayed sistani, but at the same time, read ahadith, and try to balance the two out, the maraja very rarely tell us the best option, if you look at the description they are often given "they are there to derive what is permissible"...not what is best, what is permissible, something not pacticed yesterday, permissible today, the best deed tomorrow, as far as i can see, that is the progression of things.

go with these sites




i also like to read the views of these two



good places to find mustahhab actions as per the traditions of the ahlul bayt



also read 'sunnan un nabi' by allama tabataba'i

please note, this is just my opinion, i don't think it is considered valid, strictly speaking, but i do ok with it, insha Allah

best to keep it simple, this is a simple easy to follow religion, actions of ahlul bayt = good, things not done by ahlulbayt = best to avoid, when possible (not talking about medical, scientific, technological advances)


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