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Waiting for HIM

Umaa Bullies Muslim Congress

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I came across this email from one of the members of UMAA. I despise to share it and if Admins find it to be contrary to the unity among the member of SC, please feel free to delete. Its a shame that this Agha Jafri guy comes back with a vengeance. Wonder what his true affiliations are?


The tragedies of September,2001, and those involving Casablanca, Madrid, Bali, London, the U.S. Embassies in Kenya & Tanzania, the U.S.S.Cole and others could not identify a single Shia Muslim involved in any of those acts of terrorism. This pious and peaceful demeanor did enable a few Muslim communities of the West to enjoy the trust and confidence of the people of other faiths. That honor and dignity that these Muslim communities have collectively enjoyed for so long is, unfortunately, coming to an end! Two quite significant and sad developments taking place in recent times, manifest in gory details, the arrogant and exclusionary discourse of a few Shia groups, determined to harm their fellow citizens. The specific acts perpetrated by the groups in question have began to poison the climate of harmony and brotherhood. These groups consider themselves the ultimate defenders of the faith, yet create one fitna after another, all under the name of the sacred religion. They have been masquerading in our midst for the past several years, and now by carrying out their deceptive and divisive agenda, have become a serious threat to the very survival of Shia Muslims now and in the future. As a result, numerous Western law enforcement agencies are on the cusp of incorporating every Shia Muslim organization as part and parcel of the global network of terrorist organizations, a despicable and dangerous honor reserved only for the global Wahabi/Salafi Mafia.

The first development, a reportage by Rachel Zoll of Associated Press (Copy attached), illustrates the happenings that took place at the July,2009 conference held in Dearborn, Michigan, sponsored by a Muslim Congress (Not to be confused with the American Muslim Congress, an entity established in 1988, and part of whose trademark is being infringed by Muslim Congress). The so-called Muslim Congress invited the wrath of the syndicated columnist Ms. Zoll, because of the group's demonstration of distasteful demagoguery that was laced with bigotry and hate speech. Messrs Abbas Aileya (seattle), Sartaj zaidi (Detroit), Shamshad Haider (Dallas), Mohammad Ali Baig (Tampa) and Ghulam Hurr Shabbiri (Houston) are the real ring leaders behind this movement. These theologians are bent upon defining Shia Islam as they deem it fit to practice and preach. They, quite openly, undermine and challenge the credentials as well as the credibility of the ranking Shia Ulema. Organizations such as I.M.A.M, Association of North American Shia Scholars, and ALIM, were led by this senior group of Ulema and have been in place for the past several years. This gang of five and their associates pretend to champion the cause relating to the title of Villayat-E- Faqih. They, quite brazenly demand a universal recognition of a certain Marja to be the rightful occupant of that exalted title and nothing short of that. Also, this gang of five is eager to grab the leadership of numerous Shia communities without any meaningful contribution towards the economic, political and religious plights of the Shia Muslim community at large. These zealots, like their Wahabi counterparts, have a warped vision of Shia Islam. Their mission to transfer the discussion and deliberations on Jafaria jurisprudence from a Mosque to a five star hotel (Where around the clock alcohol consumption and Zina is rampant), so that the participants can experience a spiritual journey, is absurd. UMAA,IIC, and Imamia Medics International organize their respective annual conventions at similar five star hotels. However, this location is appropriate for their purpose, since these entities were founded primarily to advance the Human rights( Huqooq ul Ibad), and Anti-Defamation agenda of the North American Muslims. Whereas the so-called Muslim congress, given the scope and magnitude of its mission, is indeed an extension of a mosque or a Husseineya. If the Congress must enforce the policy that a woman can not appear anywhere without Hijab, why must it not hold its congregations in one of many Mega Islamic centers (Toronto, vancouver, Dearborn, M.F.I, Chicago & New York), and donate at a minimum $100-125,000 (Approximate cost of a Hotel event) to the Islamic centers that are struggling financially and are in dire need for additional funding

Second development belongs to the recent appearance of a bunch of religiously twisted and self loathing young adult members of Shia populations that exist both in U.S and Canada. This self righteous gang of Internet tigers (Akin to paper tigers) has nothing better to do except to sit for endless hours, before their respective computers, and belittle the pioneering struggle and hard fought accomplishments of their elders. This young and restless group considers the senior members of the Shia community, to be old fashioned and misguided at best. This breed of belligerent brats is bent upon destroying the hard earned capital of trust and credibility gained by their preceding generation . Specifically, a document ,"The Secret War:The Zionist Spy and the Formation of the Shia-Con" (Copy attached), circulated by this delusional cabal, during May,2011, speaks volumes about the sick and sleazy mind-set hiding behind the author S.M.Asadabadi (A pseudonym). An in-depth review of this document has revealed its contents to be false and fictitious, and riddled with half truths, innuendos and insinuations. These hate mongers claim to be the true representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran even though no one in the Islamic Republic is aware of their existence. They have no feelings or compassion for the brutal and bloody persecution of Shia Muslims in Iraq, Bahrain, Afghanistan, pakistan or elsewhere.

The aforementioned groups have no one else to blame but themselves for instigating one scheme after the other, concocting lies to make their pitiful points, being divisive, and attempting to polarize a rather small but quite vibrant Shia Muslim community. Their unpatriotic discourse towards their adopted homelands is abhorrent and contrary to the traditions of the Prophet of Islam (pbuh), who very clearly commanded that the love for the land one lives in, is part of one's Iman. Th western intelligence apparatus has finally caught up with their hooliganism and these groups have been declared as Shia terrorist sleeper cells. Henceforth, all appropriate and necessary surveillance of the activities of these groups has commenced. These gangs of grotesque and delusional mind-set has seriously jeopardized the future of well meaning, peace loving and patriotic Muslim citizens of North America. The ultimate fate of these two groups is now beyond any one's control. Because of their mean and malicious games, the proverbial Genie is already out of the bottle!

Agha Shaukat Jafri has been a community worker for the past 35 years , and he has been involved with numerous Islamic organizations in a consultant capacity . He has been writing on matters pertaining to politics and policy-making aspects that impact Islam and western Muslims . He has represented North American Muslims at numerous national and international forums . He is not a spokesman for any of the Organizations that he supports or writes about .

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wow this guy is really committed to his campaign, if he was a real man he would himself go talk to the Muslim Congress people, and it's not as if they would deny him a visit. Cry baby for real, then writes "Agha" in front of his own name forgets to write "HI" in front of others. UMMA is coming to Houston next year to feed and create more Fitna, specifically Houston cause they know things arn't great, no one should go.

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Where is the copy of the document?

. Specifically, a document ,"The Secret War:The Zionist Spy and the Formation of the Shia-Con" (Copy attached),

Also, the funniest thing written about the Muslim Congress conference last month is this article


One of the highlights noted on the conference webpage is that they will be receiving a representative of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani to deliver a communication to the group from the top Shia religious official based in Najaf. Sistani is the spiritual leader of the Supreme Council for the Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI), which operates the Iranian-trained Badr militia [13] as its military wing.

Some people are soo misinformed. :huh:

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It's unfortunate that a community worker, as Agha Shaukat Jafri is described, cannot find a way to get along with other Shia groups in other cities. The five men he mentioned in his essay are involved with their own communities to bring people closer to Islam. I'm not sure what his agenda is, but undoubtedly he is trying to influence Muslims to stay away from these Sheikhs, by comparing them with violent Wahabis and using such words as gory, harm, poison, fitna, masquerading, deceptive, divisive, serious threat, etc.

Mr. Jafri's lament about some women in their conference not wearing hijab is a nonissue. Maybe they were nonMuslim guests who were interested to learn about Islam. He would prefer to have the conference in a mosque so women would be forced to wear hijab. Yes, that would work, but having a conference in a mosque would not accommodate the participants. Men and their wives (and children) can't just sleep on the floor of the mosque. They need a private hotel room with a bed(s) and a shower.

Agha Shaukat Jafri's complaint that some people spread documents, such as the one called Zionist Spy, is ludicrous. The spreading of documents is what people do. Everyone needs to know what is going on in our world. Even if nobody wants to take any action or write a rebuttal, at least people need to be informed. His comment about that document is that it is "false and fictitious, and riddled with half truths, innuendos and insinuations." One could say the same thing about his essay.

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Letter to the Editor: In Response to Asadabadi's Secret War printButton.png


WEDNESDAY, 24 AUGUST 2011 19:55

Editor's Note: We would like to clarify our goals for the Secret War series. The main focus of the article series is not the "Shia-Cons" but is the growing prospect of another US lead war in the Middle East. We do not want to restrict the piece or the site to internal Shia affairs. To focus on specific-Shia-Muslim conflicts would alienate our readers and divert us from our objectives to direct desperately needed attention to a variety of stories. Our goal is to raise awareness on issues that are often times ignored because they concern a people and place that, to some, seem so foreign. Use the user comment feature to express your thoughts and opinions. Views expressed in this article do not necessarily represent the views of Oppression.org or its staff and writers.

Asadabadi’s Satanic Verses

An individual by the name of S. M. Asadabadi (most likely a pseudonym), crafted a document calling it “A Secret War”, and on May 20, 2011, exactly a week prior to the Universal Muslim Association of America (UMAA) annual convention in Toronto, Canada, e-mailed this document en masse, belligerently attacking UMAA, as well as the North American Shia leadership. The author of the document begins by providing a brief introduction of a group known as Neo-Cons that exists in the United States. He alleges that this so called Neo-Con group is extremely powerful, is pro-Israel and as such is the sole cause of all the miseries and the sufferings in the world. Also, the author accuses the Shia leadership of collaborating with the Neo-Cons and acting as their agent on numerous occasions in the past. The author conjectures that this relationship has become a major threat to the survival of the Islamic Republic of Iran. He exhibits an inordinate amount of love and compassion for the Islamic Republic, however, fails to utter a single word of concern for the plight of Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bahrain, Malaysia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and other Islamic states. He is quite cunning and cruel in avoiding the mention of universally known and globally recognized culprits, such as the kings of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the al-Qaida and Taliban of Pakistan and Afghanistan.

--- Continued Below ---

Indepth Reports on Sectarian Violence

While the world was silent, Oppression.org was the first media outlet on the internet to document and report on sectarian violence being carried out in Pakistan and Afghanistan:


While the media was played mute and dumb, Oppression.org brought the plight of the Shia's of Bahrain out in the open years before the Arab Spring. When Saddam and Bill Clinton were bombing the Shias in Southern Iraq, it was Oppression.org that broke the news:

--- Continued ---

In order to embellish his case, the author utilizes the “cut and paste” technique to add further drama to his concoctions. For example, a private residence belonging to a Shia veterinarian has been identified as UMAA headquarters, a gross falsification with no apparent relevance to the subject matter.

Editor's Note:

According to IRS Tax Filings UMAA is registered to following address:

1959 51ST ST

Brooklyn, NY, 11204-1345

For further analysis, including federal asset filings follow this link to the

Muharram Procession

quote5_25_start.pngNo other cause or persona can ever be promotedquote5_25_end.png

He bemoans that the Neo-Cons hijacked the 2003 annual Muharram Procession by baiting Shia leadership with the offers of media coverage and greater exposure for this unique Shia platform. However, in the ensuing discussion on this specific matter, Asadabadi celebrates the alleged recapture of the procession, by a few so- called properly guided Shia youths. His narrative on this subject matter is nefarious, and blatantly false. The survival and sanctity of this 25 year old procession has been guarded by the Jafaria Association of America (JANA), an entity that is deeply committed to ensure that this procession and the pulpit of the Prophet (pbuh) are the exclusive domains of our endeared Ahl- ul-Bayt, from where no other cause or persona can ever be promoted, be it Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, or else.

[ VIDEO OF A. S. Jafri ]

The Metropolitan New York 2003 Muharram Procession was neither hijacked by anyone in the first place, nor ever reclaimed by anyone else. These are a few of the many delusional assertions by Asadabadi and his accomplices.

Stephen Schwartz

On one hand, he questions the credibility of Stephen Schwartz by concluding that his book, Two Faces Of Islam, was academically ridiculed, while in the subsequent discussion and to make his point, he very cutely steals the passages from Schwartz’s other book, Is it good for the Jews? The Crisis of America’s Lobby. Asadabadi’s document, therefore, is not only false and fictitious, but also intellectually dishonest, fraudulently biased, and lacking of journalistic integrity & standards.

Editor's Note:

Quotes from the book were verified and cited in the original article. We found no proof of deliberate plagiarism.

There is nothing improper for a group of people to differ and disagree amongst themselves on matters of life and daily survival. This sort of disagreement, however, must be fair, factual, and constructive so as to bring improvement to the performance of a person or a community; thus motivating everyone towards overall public good. Never before has an individual or a group unleashed such a vicious campaign of hatred and bigotry against the people of their own tribe, calling them agents of the U.S. government involved in promoting the Zionist agenda and stooges of the so called Neo Cons . Asadabadi describes ISNA, MSA and CAIR as moderate Islamic organizations. Even the Wahabi/Salafi cabal, which despises Shia Muslims, never described these organizations in such glowing terms. At the same time, Asadabadi manages to denigrate many of the noble endeavors initiated by the followers of Ahl-Ul-Bayt. Henceforth, an in-depth review of this document substantiates, beyond a reasonable degree of doubt, that this Cairo based blogger is a bald faced liar, a self loathing hate monger, a Neo- Satan, who schemed with a few others to create his own version of Satanic verses.

Hooligans pressure Shia scholars to boycott UMAA

During the autumn of 2010, and right after UMAA announced to hold its ninth annual convention in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), a group of seemingly mean and malicious muckrakers initiated a smear campaign against UMAA by labeling it as an entity created and financed by the U.S. government. They made numerous attempts to sabotage UMAA’s convention by utilizing false, deceptive, and destructive propaganda. They contacted anyone they possibly could to discourage Momineen from attending the Toronto Convention. A group of Canadian based Ulema who initially agreed to assist UMAA for its convention, feeling the effect of this relentless hooliganism, and fearful of jeopardizing the control of their respective pulpits, withdrew their support. UMAA management, that cared more to promote this convention to a success at any cost, rather than defending and upholding the organization’s core mission, vision and values, capitulated to these acts of malice and mischief. This vindictive campaign ended up, manifesting the fault lines within this rather small but vibrant Shia Muslim community, and it has indeed exposed the self-loathing and apologetic demeanor of these individuals. Nevertheless, the will of Allah (swt) prevailed and UMAA’s ninth annual convention concluded over the past Memorial Day weekend with tremendous success, as that organization logged in 600 registrants; the highest ever in its ten year history, which translated into almost 3,000 Momineen getting together under the banner of our endeared Ahl-Ul-Bayt.

Why we joined the Neo-cons

For years, Shia leadership has been well aware of what wiki-Leaks revealed only recently about the criminal schemes perpetrated by the wicked Wahabi regimes of Saudi Arabia and Gulf states against the Islamic Republic of Iran in general and the Shias in particular. However, Shias of North America were caught off guard, as they had been pre-occupied for several years, with establishing and maintaining the sacred institution of Azadari. The far more formidable and better financed Wahabi Lobby, quite entrenched in the U.S and the rest of the west for many years, not only marginalized Shia Muslims, but also cunningly kept Shias out of the political and policy making aspects relating to Islam and Muslims of this hemisphere. The Islamic Republic of Iran was already isolated because of its 1979 revolution and the ensuing climate of National and International politics. North American based Islamic organizations such as ISNA, MSA, & CAIR were implicated as co-conspirators in tragic acts of terrorism, since most of their funding came from Saudi Arabia and Gulf States. Also, ISNA, MSA & CAIR were in no position to share their bounties with anyone else, nor were they permitted by their benefactors to flirt with the Rafadoons. At that time, Shia leadership made numerous attempts to collaborate with these Islamic entities so as to create a united Muslim front against the waves of Islamophobia, only to be snubbed in a polite way.

quote5_25_start.pngWhether these individuals were Neo-Cons or Neo-Liberals, it did not matter to Shia leadershipquote5_25_end.png

Individuals belonging to Christian and Jewish faiths came to help the Shia Muslims. Whether these individuals were Neo-Cons or Neo-Liberals, it did not matter to Shia leadership, simply because on one hand Shia blood was spilling big time in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and on other the hand Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia were busy calling Shias kafir and Najis. Even a Christian or a Jew was acceptable to the exclusionary mindset of the wicked Wahabis, but a Shia was classified as a snake or worse, a dog with fleas. Shia Muslims were being exterminated by the treachery of the global Wahabi syndicate. Where in the world were this investigative blogger and the defenders of the genocidal gypsies at that time ? Go ask the Shias of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Afghanistan in particular, where according to well-documented accounts Wahabi trained Taliban killed more than 10,000 Shias of Bameyan within one day. Shia leadership was left with no choice but to seize the opportunity and establish entities such as Universal Muslim Association of America (UMAA), Society For Humanity & Islam in America (SHIA), Islamic Information Center (IIC), and others, to allow Shia Muslims to have a voice of their own and be effectively represented.

Ali Ibn Abu Talib (as), our beloved and exalted Imam, deliberated that the friend of our friend is our friend; and so is the enemy of our enemy our friend. These so called Neo- Cons were out there protecting our lot from the Butcher of Baghdad, and the Taliban torturers. George W. Bush did not attack Iraq because he had this inner love of Shias, nor did he devastate Saddam and Taliban's cruel and criminal regimes because he had some hidden reverence for Ahl-Ul-Bayt. His motives, ulterior or other, were of no consequence to the global Shia communities, either then or now. However, the benefit of his actions has spared the lives of millions of Shias, and indeed has changed the calculus of Islamic history in favor of Shia Muslims for many years to come.

The entire world witnessed with horror the unfolding of Tragedies of 9/11, London, Madrid, Casablanca, and Bali. These barbaric acts invited the wrath of western powers and resulted in dismantling of cruel and criminal regimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. The same world witnessed, for the first time in many centuries, a most potent and powerful development; now known as the Shia Revival. Shia Muslims of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Lebanon, sensed a sudden opportunity and rose to the occasion. They became bold and proactive. “Never again will Shias be slaughtered like lambs”, and “Say No to Wahabi domination of global Islam”, became the slogans of the time. This Shia awakening has forever altered the Islamic landscape, as the followers of Ahl-Ul-Bayt are no more left with that ugly and painful feeling of being powerless, marginalized, and disenfranchised. At no time did a single Shia organization receive an offer of even a dime, either from the U.S government or any foreign government. Furthermore, no North American Shia entities have ever been asked, either by the U.S. government or by individuals belonging to the so called Neo-Con group, for returning the critical and timely favors that they provided to the persecuted Shia communities across the globe. Nor can a single Shia Muslim ever be accused of receiving any form of personal or financial favor from any arm of the U.S. government, or from the so-called Neo-Cons at any time. It must be noted that Syed Agha Jafri hails from the family of the Prophet (pbuh) and as such being called Sheikh Agha Jafri is a demotion for him under any circumstances. A true adherent of Islam only submits to Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, because of his or her innate and incontrovertible love of the prophet and his holy progeny. A true Momin, who is the follower of Ahl-Ul-Bayt, can never follow anyone else, be it a Neo-Con or a Neo-Satan!

--- Continued Below ---

Haiti Earthquake Relief Campaign

While the world looked on in disbelief after the devastating Haitian earthquake, Oppression.orgfacilitated and advocated for the plight of the Shias of Haiti. This group was ostracized by the Haitian government and ignored by the Muslims of Haiti and thus when a plea for help emerged from the rubbles of the Al Mahdi orphanage, Oppression.org knew it had a duty to help. Oppression.org approached leading Shia organizations but received a cold shoulder – one director even questioned the legitimacy of the plea and the existence of Shia in Haiti. However, the group did not let this setback dissuade them from their goal. Joining with other dedicated brothers and sisters from Houston, they sent two teams to help relieve the humanitarian destruction faced by the Shias. Oppression.org ensured these teams documented every effort as proof of both the Shia existence and their struggle to exist. Days after the teams return, Oppression.org released one of first post earthquake documentaries, “The Shia of Haiti.”

Haiti: Oppression Films: Shia of Haiti | Pictures from Haiti Relief Efforts

Pakistan: Images from a Flood Ravaged Pakistan

Relief Effort Gallery:

--- Continued ---

Our Accomplishments

Al-Khoei Foundation, Alavi Foundation, Universal Muslim Association of America, Muslim Foundation Incorporated, Islamic Information Center, Imamia Medics International, Society For Humanity And Islam in America, and American Muslim Congress, have been extremely effective in advancing the economic, political and religious agenda of Shia Muslims of North America. A significant number of Ulema (both Sunni & Shia) hailing from various Islamic states and suffering with serious ailments were brought in to U.S. and provided with medical treatment for free, at the most prestigious health care facilities. A countless number of Shia as well as Sunni foreign medical graduates, who were forced to perform menial jobs because they could not obtain medical training slots on their own, were assisted as most of them have now become full-fledged physicians. Distressed and distraught segments of Shia and Sunni populations seeking employment, housing and other such assistance are provided with necessary help. Ulema, encountering difficulties in securing visas to the U.S and Canadian destinations, as well as the one who experience problems at the North American airports, are assisted on the spot so as to overcome all such problems. And yet, Asadabadi has the audacity to assert that Ulema were threatened with the lawsuits by the North American Shia leadership (he labels them as Shia-Cons), using their political clout and placing Ulema on the No-fly list and spreading false accusation against them. Asadabadi’s accusations are simply baseless, and criminal. A majority of Ulema (Almost 98%), wholeheartedly, support all the aforementioned Shia Muslim entities. UMAA in particular, vehemently refutes that despite his repeated claims, at no time did anyone from that organization, ever pursue Shamshad Haider or the so-called Congress of Scholars for any support whatsoever of any sort.

Alhamdullillah, efforts are underway to establish Shia public Affairs committees in Washington D.C and Brussels (European Union) to create a presence in the corridors of world powers to combat the defamation and persecution of Shia Muslims of the world. No one else will fight the battles of Shia Muslims with respect to their quest to secure liberty and freedom for the followers of Ahl-Ul-Bayt in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and other such lands where their Huqooqul Ibad (Human Rights) are being trampled in most tragic proportions. We must do it ourselves!


Agha Shaukat Jafri has been a community worker for the past 35 years, and he has been involved with numerous Islamic organizations in a consultant capacity. He has been writing on matters pertaining to politics and policy-making aspects that impact Islam and western Muslims. He has represented North American Muslims at numerous national and international forums.

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