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habib e najjaar

Pictures Of Various 'Ulamaa [OFFICIAL THREAD]

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Seyyed Khamenei as a kid (he's the one wearing the ammameh and leading the gang, of course)


Seyyed Ahmad Khomeini (one of Imam Khomeini's good sons):


Ahmad Khomeini again, before he became a scholar (dude was even more handsome than his father)


Shahid Beheshti's mazloom face contrasted with Shahid Motahhari's stern determination


Hero meets hero, one a brilliant scholar and the other a semi-literate wrestler: Ayatollah Taleghani and Shahid Gholam Reza Takhti


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Smiles all around :wub:



Ayatullah al 'Udhma Sayyid Ali al Sistani (young photo) ^_^


Aah! To have met this man! :cry:


Emam Khumayni (qas) as a child (notice the serious expression of a world leader in the making?)


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One of the great things about Najaf al Ashraf is the number of scholars whom you see visiting Imam Ali (as) shrine. Such radiant faces masha Allah. Here is a picture I took infront of Imam Ali (as) shrine of a student/scholar along with a cute kid.

can i use this picture? :)

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Shaykh Abdulkareem Haeri


Ayatullah Sadiq Sadr, also known as Shaheed al Mihrab (martyred while in prayer). Some of you may have seen the youtube clip posted on this forum a few times where he pushes one of saddam's soldier's away with his walking stick :D B)


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Guest Mushu

I will start by posting some pictures of Ayatallah Sheikh Mohammed al-Yaqoobi; but I will be posting some pictures of other 'ulemaa in the future inshAllah. I have some real gems ;)

Sheikh al-Yaqoobi leading salah. I think it's Imam Ali's shrine in Najaf, but i'm not sure:



Shaheed Syed Sadiq al-Sadr (black amama, white beard), with Ayatallah Sheikh Mohammed al-Yaqoobi sitting to his left. :wub:


Syed Sadiq al-Sadr leading salah - clock Sheikh al-Yaqoobi right behind him:


Ayatallah Murtadha al-Shirazi visiting Sheikh al-Yaqoobi for all you haters:




Sheikh al-Yaqoobi in ziyarah:


Sheikh al-Yaqoobi chillin':


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The love we display for our Marja and all the pious Ulema is our way of showing our love of Allah SWT, Prophet SA and Holy Ahlul Bayt AS. :wub:

We all cannot go to hawza and become alims, so we respect and revere the holy people.

I am saddened by the fact that I cannot kiss the hand or the foot of my marja. Guys are so lucky to meet with them and give them a hug.

Those who take the path of cloak and turban are standing up for our madhab and fighting for our mere existence. May Allah SWT bless the righteous Ulema.

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Guest EndlessEndeavor

My contribution to the recently proclaimed Marja and my favourite scholar:


Him owning on the best show made on tv:


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Keeping on topic

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