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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Pictures Of Various 'Ulamaa [OFFICIAL THREAD]

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Considering today marks the first anniversary of his death, I wanted to post some photographs of Shaykh Muhammad Ali Al Amri ÑÍãå Çááøå. He was the spiritual leader of the Shia of Madinah as well as t

Sayed Sistani, at home it looks like:

Shaheed Beheshti (ra) sleeping: Shaheed Beheshti (ra) leading prayers: Shaheed Beheshti (ra) shaking hands with loyal supporters: Shaheed Beheshti (ra) smiling like a boss: Shaheed Beheshti (ra) w

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Syed Khomeini






Edit: the first two pics have written on them, "Soldiers of the Monarchic Creed", so I think they were uploaded by royalists. Thanks royalists for giving us these pictures! :)

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Your great responsibility today is the pen in your hand.

-Imam Khomeini (ra)

In this world if pens work for God and His people, machine-guns will withdraw. Make effort by pen and tongue to push machine-guns aside and make the arena available to pens, sciences and knowledge.


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Guest Mushu


Ayatullah Qaadhi Tabatabai (qas)




YESSSS, i've been looking for pictures of him everywhere. Thank you!

The scholar in my avatar was actually his teacher, Sheikh Muhammad-Hussain Kashif al-Ghitaa'.

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Ayatollah Aqa Syed Ahmed Rizvi or Razavi - d.1964

Ayatollah Aqa Syed Ahmed Rizvi or Razavi - d.1964 (1316-1384 Hijri) was a divine and saintly person; Faqih or Mujtahid i.e. Shiite Islamic Jurist; a Religious reformer; a scholar and spiritual personality who lived in Srinagar City of Kashmir in India. Hakim Safdar Hamdani in his book Shian-e-Kashmir has termed him as a Mard-e-Mujahid or an Islamic warrior while others, like Syed Kazimi, has described him as a man who had a hidden and heavenly helping hand behind him. He is figured amongst the leading and most celebrated spiritual personalities in Shiite Islamic History. Ayatollah Aqa Ahmed Rizvi Kashmiri was, in fact, an angel in human form. Ayatollah Syed Abdul Karim Kashmiri has described him as the strongest disciple of Ayatollah Qadhi while giving him title of Qadhi Saa’ni or Second Qadhi, seconding him to none other than the masterly Gnostic, Ayatollah Syed Qadhi Ali Tabatabai. At another place, Ayatollah Syed Abdul Karim Kashmiri has mentioned him as a great man and a strong (spiritual personality), who remained confined to his room and had idealistic manners. It has been reported that Ayatollah Syed Ahmed Kashmiri used to recite “Ya-Allah, Ya-Hoo” twelve thousand times every night before going to bed.

It has also been reported that Ayatollah Aqa Syed Ali Qadhi had himself described Aqa Syed Ahmed Rizvi Kashmiri to be his strongest disciple. This is what makes Ayatollah Syed Ahmad Kashmiri one of the most important, one of the strongest and key pillars in Shiite Islamic spiritual path, which ultimately reaches to Prophet and His Holy Family.

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