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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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The Real Aqeedah / The Reasons Of The Fall

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The Reasons of The Fall

Mohammad Bayazeed Khan Panni

(Emamuzzaman, The Leader of the Time)

Now the question is why, what are the reasons of this change into the present miserable condition of the population called Muslim? According to the Creator of the Universe, this populace is supposed to be the best. Not only that, this populace is promised the authority in this world by Him, none of these is present.

The clear and basic reason of this is that, this populace- no longer a Nation- is neither Mu’men nor Muslim and far from being the Ummat-e- Muhammadi, it is supposed to be and as it claims to be. The Islam, which was sent to mankind by Allah through His last Messenger and the present day Islam, is not only two entirely different things but these are two contradictory opposite things. These two look more or less alike, but inside these are different and opposite things. It is like a person you knew many years before as an honest, god fearing gentleman whom you could trust in any circumstance and you meet him after long years who for some reasons, some occurrences in his life has formed into an Atheist, vile and corrupt person. You would recognize him as the same person from his outward look and appearance but who has changed into not only a different but entirely opposite person. Or as an example, two trees looking alike, its leaves branches are more or less the similar, but the trees bear entirely two different kinds of fruits; one sweet, delicious and the other bitter offensive shelling fruits. Now can these two trees be the same kind just because they look alike?

This is what has happened to the Din (system of living in this world/ code of life) that has been sent to mankind to live by, to conduct our lives; personal and collective lives by the Creator Himself. Through the centuries, the Din has slowly changed like the man I have mentioned, who is more or less similar to his old self to look at, but his soul has died and his character has changed completely and now he is an entirely different person inside. Yet the Din–e-Huq that the last Messenger established in Arabia, and which his immediate followers spread over half of the then world and the present day din is taken to be the same one, the same tree though like the two trees I have mentioned behind, these two trees bearing entirely different fruits.

These are three basic reasons of this unfortunate state. The very first one is wrong perverted Aqaed, secondly the misconception about Tawheed and finally misunderstanding about Eabadat.

Wrong Perverted Aqaed

It is stated and accepted throughout the Muslim world that, if the Aqida of a person or a group of people or a nation is wrong, then his/her/their Iman (Faith, belief) is worthless, meaningless. Once, one’s Iman is gone, it follows that, all his Amal (activities, pious deeds) are also washed away worthless, because all Amal are based on the Iman (Belief, Faith). This statement, opinion is agreed upon and accepted by all factions, sects in Islam. This is one of the few articles, which are accepted by even Sunni & Shiite Mazhabs, and all things different tariqahs (Sects).

The fact that wrong Aqaed (plural of Aqida) render a person’s or a nation’s the very Faith and hence all his/their good Amal futile indicates the tremendous gravity and importance of it. It seems, in fact it is more important than the Iman (Faith, Belief) itself, as its wrong perception can render one’s whole lifetime of pious works (Amal–e- Swalehan) futile. Notwithstanding all these differences of opinions in other subjects, all ulemas (Learned in religion) of all Mazhabs (Factions) and Firqahs (Sects) and even Shiite and Sunnis are unanimous on this opinion.

What is Aqida, or its plural Aqaed? The prevailing opinion in the ‘Muslim’ world is that Aquida means Iman (Belief, Faith). Unfortunately, this is wrong and this wrong idea is one of the reasons of the perversion and fall of this Millat (Nation). Given the gravity and importance of the Aqida, which in a sense surpasses the Iman (Belief, Faith) itself, it is clear that wrong opinion about it would destroy the Nation, or at least lead it astray, away from its goal, rendering meaningless its own existence like a bullet missing its mark. Aqida cannot be Iman. Iman and Aqida are entirely two different words from two different roots and meaning two different things. The meaning of the word Iman is belief, Faith and meaning of the word Aqida is knot. This word Aqida is also used in wedding, marriage as Aqd, i.e. knotting two persons, a man and a woman in a knot. In Islam it means idea about a subject-and correct Aqida means the correct idea about the goal, purpose of Islam, correct idea about why Allah has created this Universe, this earth, this mankind, Malaekhs (Angels), Iblis (Devil), Adam and why He blew His own soul into him, His Messenger, hell and Heaven.

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