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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Maula Dha Mallang

Mdm Vs Mr Elephant Tusk

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the founding fathers

the founding fathers fled from englands mock,

from valleys and hills to plymoth rock

fought brave and true for the rights of man,

to stand independent of the bankers plan

true words freemasons they were,

but do not let this information deter

illuminati is a joke to keep us weak

false flag info make a loud man meek

they fought the bankers and almost won

before the fed reserve began to run

now the US is screwed cant pay its bills

bankrupt from new york to beverly hills

dont call the bankers jews man thats a lie

they no more jewish than you or I

they not religious their god is money

crave it more than a bee craves honey

[Edited Out] read a book educate yourself

leave your conspiracy theories on the shelf

the truth is there for those who wish to see

who study and reseearch their info diligently

they got a plan and the plan involves us

one world fascist state not scared to posess

our homes to our souls and all between

we place our trust in the fourteen

dont be suckered in by the NWO lies

follow the world money and all its ties

research economic hitmen and the WTC

controlled demolition cant you see?

now i think about it and remember back

without 9/11 there couldnt be a war in Iraq

they playin chess on a global scale

with us kept ignorant they cannot fail

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The Gates

Thinking back a small two months ago

when I was engulfed in nothing but sorrow

wondering how I could ever survive

knowing there was never hope I could revive.

Thought ahead to this period of time

thinking fasting with another self-crime

and letting that feed my desire

to fulfil what is required.

Time has passed and now I’m here

and to my surprise I can feel this atmosphere

and I remember what I had forgotten

that in this month, open are the gates to heaven.

So I stand with a stomach that’s empty

and I walk with a heart that isn’t heavy

and I realise that I am actually blessed

and in my next life I will invest.


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lol comprending man, wtf is that challenge all about!

heres my effort, i thought i would add a bit of drama ;)

remembering honour

its been seven years with you by my side, calls and texts from far and wide

met online, msn day and night, i asked you out so you said all right

i watched the hope grow in your eyes as i lied that i love you

too weak to end it not one word was true

i stood as you bared your soul and opened your heart

you poured your cup of love into me i drunk every part

but my dear im sorry it must end, my parents are strict i must not offend

you have been a great friend and lover to me

but im gonna let you go find someone else to love you honestly

see it was all a joke to pass the time, hope you dont mind

but my parents are ill so another man you must find

please stop crying and acting embarrasingly

what is wrong with you dear, im letting you be free

stop whining i must remember my dads honour

we can be together no more not even one hour

so this is goodbye, delete my number and texts

if we never speak again it would probably be best

ive got a cousin i have to marry back home

will you bless our marriage, and allow me to atone?

comprehending - your next challenge: the poem i just wrote, but from the girls perspective ;)

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The Gates

this really puts me in the mood for ramadhan :)

i know it was a hard subject, i like the way you started it with something negative but your perspective changes to embrace it towards the end. indeed in this month you are blessed!

how do you feel towards it?

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Everyone loves a challenge! Aside from me, no idea how I'm going to do this one. :lol:

AG15: Watching a young girl trying to sell small flowers for a living on the streets.

I feel like it comes across as pretty fake which takes a lot away from it.

In response to your challenge:

What about you?

The way his words flowed out like a potion

Had my whole world moving in slow motion

Never felt any darkness when he was my light

Held me in his virtual arms every single night

The way he always chose the perfect moment

For the 'I love you' he typed and sent

Every call, his voice made my heart melt

Nothing could ever beat the way I felt

It was the kiss at the end of every text

Anticipating which perfect line he'd give next

And it was the softness in his warm laugh

All alone we were but each other's half

Seven years on he broke my heart

Mercilessly ripped my whole life apart

He stole my capability to ever love

I swear I thought he was sent from above

I swear I thought he was my knight in shining armor

But today he's spouting bull[Edited Out] about his father's honor

So now I'll have to ask what about you?

Doesn't your honor matter to you?

It seems now you're done playing with me, a toy

And you call yourself a man? Haha, little boy.

You go, get married, go somewhere far away..

But my heart, with you will always stay.

MDM: Feelings of a Muslim father [relatively strict] finding out his son has had a relationship before marriage..


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