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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Need Help With Cooking

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i really dont know how to cook yet. i can make the little things like eggs and stuff but thats about it. so there is someone i want to surprise and want to cook something really special. I really need some help and was wondering if someone can give me any simple but amazing recipes! can someone pls help me? :)

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I'm useless in the subject of cooking

but my 13 year old sister is amazing at going on google and finding new and exciting recipes

Say, if she's in the mood for lemon chicken and has no idea how to cook it

she will google her way towards a recipe and make some for the family for dinner

Quite amazing

anyways, point of my post

Google is quite awesome :D

so are cooking relatives

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I would go for shrimp for a first attempt.. like get the large, fresh, cleaned, boiled shrimp from the supermarket :D

here's my own made up recipe for Chinese shrimp with rice:

1 bag of shrimp.

2 cups of rice or a bag of noodles or pasta.. they'll all work

veggies: anything would work; onions, mushrooms, can corn & colored peppers; green, yellow, red.

1 egg ( you can add it or not up to u)

Soy sauce

wash the rice, or just add the pasta then boil the it in 5 cups water, add a lil salt, and when the rice is done

get rid of the water by using the sieve :) then put it aside

now for the shrimp mix: start with a lil oil like 1 spoon and fry the sliced onions till its golden/brownish

add the shrimp, some spices (whatever u like really), salt and soy sauce.. .. then add all the other sliced veggies..

stir for a bit till veggies r softer.. so when its all sorta cooked.. things don't have to be 2 soft.. a lil crunch is always healthy plus shrimp will be half cooked :D THEN add the cooked rice and crack an egg :D mix a lil then serve :D

here's a pic of the shrimp mix:


a pic of when I made it with Spaghetti


a pic of when I made it with rice with a side of salad


and for deserts,, u can make a simple fruit salad with a side of ice cream :angel:


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Thanks for sharing. I'll be trying some of your recipe. :)

Another interesting recipe is shrimp fajita


OOO let me know how it goes.. I do em coz they r versy fast :D and yup that fajita is a very good idea! :D

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