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In the Name of God بسم الله

Is It Haram To Kill Mosquitos?

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(salam) w/r w/b:

As it is summer time here in North America sometimes, Mosquitos get in the home. These mosquitos bite/suck the blood of their victims. Are we allowed to swat them?

One may make a comparison to ants and say that killing ants are not allowed BUT ants arent intent on sucking our blood! where as mosquitos mission statement is to do just that!


(wasalam) w/r w/b:

La fata illa Ali

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Guest Nargela

I sent this question earlier to Shaykh Nasir Makarim Shirazi's office:

as-salaam `alaykum,

Is it haraam, or makrooh, for one who is not in the state of ihraam to kill any particular types of insects, such as flies, mosquitoes, ants, spiders

The reply:

In The Name Of God

Answer: There is no problem for killing harmful insects, but it is not proper to kill those which are not harmful, and even they may be useful.

Wassalmu Aleykum

The Grand Ayatollah Makaremshirazi's Office

- credits to macisaas from other shiachat forum

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I had read the answer on a forum a while ago pertaining to the same question. A brother had posted a question to the Marja asking if the blood of the mosquito (if on your hands, makes it najis and also would it be necessary to make ghusl). Unfortunately I do not have the link to the Q&A between the two, but this is an account of my memory recollection.

The answer from the Marja was that you do not need to perform ghusl (the blood on your hand which is resultant of the dead mosquito) even though was human is now the mosquito. So all one needs to do is wash off their hands and there is no need to perform ghusl.

So assuming from this answer that the blood of a KILLED mosquito is not najis, killing the mosquito would be allowed ? Nevertheless, you must post this question to your Marja for a better and perfect answer.

Allah knows best !

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Answer: There is no problem for killing harmful insects

The female Anopheles mosquito can cause malaria while the Aedes mosquito is responsible for transmitting the dengue virus; both of them can be pretty harmful, possibly fatal. :unsure:

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According to Sayed Khamene'i:

Q: Is it permissible to kill a group of insects (like ants) with insecticides if they cause some harmful effects in the house?

A: It is not a problem.

I can't find anything from Sayed Sistani but I doubt that there's any problem with killing mosquitoes.

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emailed the question to najaf.org (sistani Reps)


Salamun 'alaykum w/r w/b:

As it is summer time here in North America sometimes, Mosquitos get in the

home. These mosquitos bite/suck the blood of their victims. Are we allowed

to swat them?


Wassalamun 'alaykum w/r w/b:

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Yes, you are

Wassalamu Alaykum

Does anyone know the ruling on flies? can we kill flies?

The problem is they many not physically harm you by biting u but they can carry diseases as they land on feces and garbage before they land on other surfaces.

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Just my 2 cents.

Kill as many mosquites as possible because you would possibly be saving human lives.

And saving one human life is equal to saving whole mankind according to Quran.

So good luck in killing those harmful things.

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There is a whole chapter in Wasaa'il Al-Shee`ah, vol. 11, ch. 47, pg. 534 - 537, hadeeth # 15469 - 15477 that is titled.

ÈóÇÈõ ÌóæóÇÒö ÞóÊúáö ÇáúÍóíóøÇÊö æó Çáäóøãúáö æó ÇáÐóøÑöø æó ÓóÇÆöÑö ÇáúãõÄúÐöíóÇÊö æó ßóÑóÇåóÉö ÞóÊúáö ÍóíóøÇÊö ÇáúÈõíõæÊö ãóÚó ÚóÏóãö ÇáúÎóæúÝö ãöäú ÃóÐóÇåóÇ

"Chapter on the permissibility to kill snakes, ants, small ants and all harmful things, and the dislike (makrooh) to kill/destroy the house of snakes without fear of it harming (you)"

This is where the scholars are getting their rulings from (sorry, I do not have the time to translate the aHaadeeth in this chapter).


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Same ruling applies to all insects.

Salam alekum,

Not all insects Allahu Aalam

Outdoors they have the right to life and die on peace. Like spiders especially .. I love spiders because they are very good for us. They "clean the environment from muskitos for instance. Also they saved our prophets life once alhamdulilah. SalAllah aley wesalem

Then the ants also have special status. They have entire chapters named after them in our holy book subhan Allah. Also the sunnah of Sayidna Sulayman (as) is to make an army take a tedious detour in order to save an ant colony's life. This is outdoors.

For me personally my favorite insect is called praying mantis in English, Gottesanbeter in German (translation: God prayer) .. And in Arabic Faras el Naby (Rider of the Prophet) .. Anybody kill these will offend me personally .. They are not harmful, not poisonus, peaceful, they don't bite .. They might grab you with their little hands though .. They are the ultimate predator for me and eat anything that moves .. Some even eat little birds that are bigger than them. Their advantage is stealth and pure technique with waving (they call it dancing on YouTube). No sheer power or poison.

Something else that we need to understand further is their intelligence. They understand everything the way we do, just they didn't eat from muharam tree in Jannah. When communicating with animals, do so like I do with you right now. They understand .. It's us who have lost the hearing and ability to understand other living creatures through our hearts. We have become dependent on "speech", which is a series of air compressions causing fluctuations especially in the walls of our voicebox. I think they scientifically proved that plants that get attention through talking and singing grow better and are healthier. They have spirits that are not limited to their visible mud body.

So basically, what I would like to say is that every living creature like insects, plants, etc have terror of death just like us when they die. They also feel pain, and most of the time when they get squished, hit, sprayed, slammed, etc .. They often aren't instantly dead .. But suffering exactly like we would if that was done to us by done giant (God forbid). When they go back to God and in judgment day we will know exactly what souls we tortured .. And we will be surprised by level of detail.

Even scorpions can be kept and fed safely and loved .. Just I would not advise people play with them .. Or be very careful.

Anyway, I love nature, all of Allah's creations because He created us. And the spirit personality of each living being. Other than shaytan and his followers awuthubiLah min ashaytanarajeem.



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