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In the Name of God بسم الله

Need A Dua

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Salam Brother and Sisters,

I am a wife, mother and daughter. I am seeking out help, I do not know much about Dua's. But I am trying. My husband is not with me, he is in another country. We are trying to deal with immigration and trying to be together. I have to stay somewhere else because I help take care of my mom and dad who are old and have bad health. My husband does not have any Rozi, I work to help both my mom and dad and support my husband and son. It is getting hard. I feel like some days I can't take it.

My husbands brother has so much month and life is so easy for so many people. Why is Allah testing me, when will the test be over. I am honestly struggling with how much I can take. I have so much on me. That my health is going bad. What can I do. Please help

What dua can I pray? I feel like anything I ask Allah for, he actually makes that impossible for me to get, for example, my husband to come home, Rozi for my parents and husband.

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inshallah all is well for you. Yeah al sabar is needed...god gives everyone different tests. Always try asking god for help. Remembering god gives you motivation.

Here are things i say daily:

bismillah.gifla howla wala qowata ila bila al ali al adeem. say this 7 times daily. I usually say this during fajir or magrib time and al7amdilla it does help. And always do salwat 3ala mohammad whenever you can. Another one is reading surat al fate7a for um al baneen.

good luck and may Allah bless you.


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Allahuma Solli A'la Muhammad wa Aali Muhammad

Assalammualaykum, sis

I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties, and inshaallah we all would pray for you in our dua. But at the same time I hope you yourself must never give up of Allah's graces and always think positively about Him, no. 1:

1. He's The All Merciful, The Loving One - He will never test anyone except according to our capacity, and He's always there to render help. Try to always use this verse to counter any negative thought:

"And We task not any person except according to his capacity, and with Us is a Record which speaks the truth, and they shall not be wronged" (23:62)

2. He's The All-Hearing - surely He listen to all prayers including you and me, but remember when we pray, it is also required for us to be patient, and learn to put trust in Allah, again use this verse to counter any negative thought:

"O you who believe! (Allah is addressing you and me here ) Ask help with patient and prayer. Surely Allah with the patient" (2:153)

sister, if you and me are patient in facing any hardship, then we should remember that Allah is always with us, because He himself said He's always with the patient

3. He's The All-Powerful - so surely He can help you anytime, and surely He has the power to relieve you, and He will do so when the time comes, remember Allah is The All-Wise too, so He knows when is the best time to relieve you, He knows your limit as well

and lastly sister, remember there is no strength and patience save in Allah's help. meaning you and I, both of us do not have strength and patience to face any difficulties except with Allah's help, therefore I strongly suggest you to recite "La Hawlawa La Quwwata Illa Billahil A'liyyun Azim" many times because it was said in many hadiths that this kalimah is the "key of relief", dan our Prophet Muhammad advised Salman al-Farisi to recite this as well

and i love to read the suggestion posted by sis greeneyes as well, reciting this kalimah + salawat many times also very helpful, but again, requires patience

and maybe these hadiths can motivate all of us to be patient , inshaallah :

"As some people showed ingratitude for Allah's graces, He changedthe graces into crises. As other people showed steadfastness against themisfortunes that inflicted them, Allah changed the misfortunes into graces."Prophet Muhammad

"Do not consider the misfortune forwhich you have been blessed with patience and deserved reward from Allah as amisfortune. In fact, the real misfortune is being deprived of its reward andmerits due to lack of patience when you suffer."~Imam Jafar Sadiq (as)"

May Allah grant you patience and strength, sis! And yes, i use the same solution i give you whenever i face any hardship up till this very moment, and alhamdulillah through Allah's graces He aspires me, gives me some vision that helps me to be patient, He helps me to see the goodness behind each difficulties, alhamdulilah...Sister, nobody is strong when facing difficulties except when he/she relies in Allah's help and power

with the prayer of success,

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awwh i am so sorryy :/ inshallah be positive and pray from your heart, and fast as well..inshallah everything will be fine, inshallah i will pray for you my sis..inshallah may Allah swt accept our prayers

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Dear sis, stay positive and patient. Allah swt helps all those who are in struggle.

Read the quran whenever you can and Ziyarat Ashura. Dua Yastasheer is a very very good one as well.

You're in my duas insha'Allah, May Allah swt accept all our prayers.


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Salamun 'alaykum w/r w/b:

Sister, you need to remember the Imam of the time (atfs), Imam Sahibul Asri Waz Zaman (atfs)!

Print out this letter which is called an 'Ariza'.

Here is the Ariza link: http://www.ezsoftech.com/ebooks/Ariza.pdf

1) Write to the Imam (atfs) all your issues on the ariza

2) Make sure to read the dua on the paper.

3) Drop it into a natural body of water (lake, river etc).

Inshallah the Imam (atfs) will help you.

Also recite:

1) Dua-e-faraj: http://www.duas.org/azbala.htm

2) Dua- Allahuma kunle waliyaka: http://www.duas.org/Allahumma.htm

3) Naad-e-Alian: http://www.duas.org/nadali.htm

4) Ziarat-e-Ashoora before you go to bed. Have the niyyat that you want to gift the sawab to the mother of Imam Zamana's (atfs) mother (Bibi Narghis Khatoon (as)): http://www.duas.org/ashura/z_ashura.htm

5) Sura Waqiah after Isha prayers

Giving small amount of sadqa (charity) will be paid back many fold in this world and in akhira.

Lasty, there is a surah for people who are in great distress. It reminds us that the 'relief' is just around the corner. That surah is surah Inshirah.

Please view this link: http://www.youtube.com/user/ReadSurahsnDuas#p/search/1/aiQ7YYLnnAQ

Remember what Imam Hussain (as) said in Karbala: In the hardest condition of the day of Ashura, Imam Hussain (as) said: "This is easy for me because Allah is watching me."

Wassalam w/r w/b:

La fatah ila Ali

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Dua Tawassul has been nothing less than a Miracle for me at a time when all hope had failed. go to www.duas.org

If you do not understand the words - please read the english translation, it will bring you to tears. In Dua Tawassul, you are asking our beloved imams to support you in your dua to Allah. Can we even begin to contemplate how powerful this can be!?

Please try one other thing. As a mother, daughter and wife, who can relate to you more than our beloved Lady Fatima(a.s)?

I believe truly she listens - After your namaz, Call her by saying 'Ya Fatima Zahra, Adrikni' (I call upon you Lady Fatima A.S). She will come and she WILL be there with you. Ask her to pray to Allah on your behalf.

But hang in there - Your racking up loads of points for looking after your parents an being the backbone of your family during this hard time. Take inspiration from Bibi Zainab during the battle of Kerbala. Took charge of all the women, children, Our beloved 4th Imam and stood up against the Evil army of Yazeed. Despite witnessing first hand such a tragedy, she never gave up and stayed strong. Please take inspiration - She's an example to us.

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Inshallah, I will remember you in my duas. My advice to you is to pray all the wajib namaaz and recite Ziarat Ashura everyday with the meaning ((http://www.duas.org/ashura/z_ashura.htm) every day. Also, if you have time then watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvOPU1rlCBY. I can guarantee you as so long as your niyyat is sincere, the Ahlul bayt (as) will definitely help you in some way.


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sis i have tried this dua and it is very very effective for everything! mashallah it is a beautiful dua and has been used for everything. it is however a bit rare, and not found in the typical dua books, but here is the link to the audio for it.


inshallah khair and inshallah your prayers are accepted and Allah helps you out of your troubles.

wa ni3ma billah


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