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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله
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Meri Syeda Bibi Tu Ne Kesa Maqam Paya Hai

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I think you are talking about meri makhdoom syeda bibi...yeah? i dont have the audio but here are the lyrics:

Meri makhdooma syeda bibi nay anokha muqam paya hai

jukh gayee doo jahan ki azmat jab bhee zahraas.gif ka naam aya hai

teray ghar ki toqeer itnee hai, shah-e mursal bhee aa kay ruk jayeen

teri dheleez hai do alam mein sar firshtoon kay jis pay jukh jayeen

tera baba khuda ki janab sey tujh ko kernay salam aya hai

aur hothi rasoolpbuh.gif ki beti, kyon mubhalay key roz reh jatee

kerbala mein jo ayee, zainabas.gif thee, sath zainab kay hi chalee jati

deen-e islam ko bachanay mein, sheera-e zahraas.gif hi kaam aya hai

Teri mader nisa ki malika hai, tera baba hai shah waleoon ka

tera bazaar jana theek nahee, rasta dhoond ley to galeeon ka

tera bhai wafa ka kaaba hai, phir tujhay kon shaam laya hai

baba sardar saray nabeeon ka, wali mukhtar saray waleeon ka

teray betoon ki shan kya kehnay, jin ka darzi ho rizwan janat ka

Fatiha-e sham teri zainab haias.gif, jis nay ala muqam paya hai

P.S: sorry i dont know all the lyrics...if i find the rest i'll let ya know

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