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In the Name of God بسم الله
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What If Assad Turns Into The Sufyani?

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they say the sufyani will be named " uthman bin anbasa"

he will come from the dry valley between jordon and syria ( hawraan ) which is currently having uprising

they say he never prayed in his life

his face has signs of pimples

he will come after two flags in the levant had conflicted the a " ashab" and the abqa"

ashab is the blonde

abqa is the patchy face

they will fight and one of them will win then sufyani will come and kill the winner and take control

but during the war between these three flags the shias will be safe but after the sufyani finishes from the war and controls thats when he turns against the shias

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I think the Assad family is a good candidate for the sufyani that the prophet pbuh had said in the Hadith on iman Mahdi. Here's what Wikipedia says about the Assad family "The Assads are originally from Qardaha, just east of Latakia in north-west Syria. They are members of the minority Alawite sect and belong to the Kalbiyya tribe" So happen that the muawiyah are descendants of Abu sufyan and they are based in Syria. Also the Assad family is indeed very cruel just like what the Hadith had described.

If indeed they are the sufyani as described by the prophet pbuh, they will naturally oppose the Mahdi unlike the other countries who have been liberated from the despotic rules of dictators. Also, the Islamist government of the Arab countries liberated by the Arab spring would naturally pledge allegiance to the Mahdi. As the prophet said the Mahdi will rule over the Arab and why not all Muslim countries. If they sufyani falls then Syria most likely will be ruled by Islamist just like the other Arab spring countries. 

The likelihood is indeed real and interesting and imminent. The next caliphate led by the mahdi is just around the corner

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i feel the arab spring is a fail because of many things

the revolt was mainly for economical reasons not for principals and it was based on suicide

it had nothing to do with islam and its main issues namely the battle with the global zionism ,,, the proof is that the syrian revolt started before anything serious happened in the dictator gulf nations even though syria is the only arab country that has no Zionist embassy

and the revolts did not succeed yet

in egypt still the same dictators are in power but the conditions got alot worse and those dictators are zionists,,,

in tunisya just one person changed but still the new government is not saying the truth in the face of the global zionism and trying to get advantages from the big powers on the cost of truth like the current iraqi government

in libya they got rid of qathafi but its another iraq repeating, western interference and later sectarianism battles and hence free oil for the big ones

things dont look right... i think people later will start regretting the ousting of thier tyrant dictators because the alternatives will bring more tyranny just like in iraq

all these countries look at their situations

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Guest Jebreil



^ yes and no.

Your points are valid, but it's still the beginning. There's much that is happening and will happen. The votes for Islāmic parties is a sign for opportunities in the future.

The only great Islāmic revolution/movements happened where there was leadership. We can't find this anywhere else. There's a chance for Shaykh Īsā Qāsim in Baḥrayn, if Allāh permits, to establish something beautiful there for the majority Shī'a as well as the peaceful minority Sunnī.

The biggest failure for the Arab countries - even though they don't know it, and some of them would prefer to eat their livers than to accept this - but the biggest failure is that they don't want to be in the same frontline as Iran, join ranks with Iran, and accept Iran as a colleagueal forerunner in this resistance. I personally think it's their Arab pride which is stinging them, the whole Persian paranoia which seems to run deep, even amongst some Shī'a.

This said, Hezbollah and Hamas have showed that Arab pride does not conflict with loving Iran.


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Salam Alaikum

Yes Sufyani will rise from Syria and Yes it has started! It has started from the cities that were mentioned in riwayats and yes it will get WORSE this is nothing what you are watching or seeing as yet and yes womens bellies will be ripped open and maybe has as you know media of western world is media of shaitan so you will not hear about it unless you have contact with people you know that reside in syria or maybe press tv.We must start preparing for the return of the Mahdi atfh although NO ONE can give exact time of his coming but there signs mentioned of his coming and therefore what is happening in Yemen, Syria and Bahrain are the very close signs AND VERY CLOSE when the attack on Iran happens which will happen.

MIKYALUL MAKARIM this book was written under the order of the Mahdi atfh it is available online google it and try duas.org its a MUST get to know your Imam atfh and the signs of his return inshallah.


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If President Asad is the sufyani so what will fight him the Axis of resistance is not with President Asad because of his looks they are with him because of what he has done for the resistance and his his political stance. If his political stance changes which I doubt because he suffered a lot for it so far but he can care less the then resistance would stop supporting him. We need to stop looking at the tree and look at the whole forest.

I dont know much about the sufyani, but isnt' he someone that decieves the muslims into thinking he is a true, honest and religious leader but then he turns out to be an imposter?, So if thats the case, why isnt anyone pointing the finger at the Turkish prime minister Erdogan. hasn't he aqurired a massive amount of support in the last few years because of his so-called religious stance and his pro resistance stance against Israel, didn't even Sayed Hassan Nasrallah call him following the Gaza raid "Ya Tayib" (which is a cmpliment in Arabic which obviously sound like his first name). Now Erdogan has shown his true colours by opposing the only government resistance in the Arab world that opposes Israel, while he still supports governments who are more oppresive and more Autocratic than Syria.

Meanwhile see what Turkey is doinig to the Kurds and noone cares about them, Just like how noone cared about how the zionist brutaly put down any Palestinian resistance.

Powerful video brother I never knew the kurds were suffering so much I wish i could do something to help them.

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I guess abqa and ashab are Assad and the Free Syrian army fighting and destroying Syria now.

And I saw a report that the Nato have gathered at the border of Jorden.

I also read in a book that some major earthquake would occur in Syria heavily inflicting the two ashab and abqa, and thus the army from border of Jordan lead by Sufyani enters taking the opportunity at hand.


Honestly, judging on the hadiths we read, we can't really say that the abqa and ashab are assad and the free syria army. Because of what those two words literally mean. Also, the earthquake that occurs would be major but some say that the earthquake could mean just a huge event, but only god knows. Also, a hadith I've read before states the mosque in Damascus would get demolished. That is a big sign towards the rising of Sufyani if it were to happen. Also, judging by what brother RiseOrDie said previously, maybe King Abdullah of Jordan is really the Sufyani and he's just waiting for the right opportunity to dominate and rule for the state of Isreal, but WHO REALLY KNOWS!?

We could be living in fairytales you know.

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The pic posted by RiseOrDie has the jordanian king wearing a malta cross .. i know it's not under his clothes, on top of them .. but just wanted to point it out anyway

.. am talking about the medal on bottom left ..

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The pic posted by RiseOrDie has the jordanian king wearing a malta cross .. i know it's not under his clothes, on top of them .. but just wanted to point it out anyway

.. am talking about the medal on bottom left ..

CMIIW I heard in a narration that Sufyani is the one who wears the cross

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just to clarify,Bashar al-Assad cannot be the/a "sufyani" because he did not descended from abu sufyan.the Assad family like others in syria and lebanon descended from Banu Assad.this is the same clan that buried the martyrs of Karbala.i stand to be corrected if the sufyani can be a descendant not of abu sufyan.

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the new syrian council leader is the sufyani he came 2 power this rajab. he will advance into the new syrian formed government and rumors say abdullah of saudi is dead...

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Ikmaaluddin:Shaykh Saduq says: Narrated to us my father andMuhammad bin Hasan - May Allah be pleased with them – they said: Narrated to usMuhammad bin Abil Qasim Majiluwayh from Muhammad bin Ali Kufi: Narrated tous Husain bin Sufyan from Qutaibah Ibne Muhammad from Abdullah bin AbiMansur Bajali that he said

I asked Abi Abdullah (a.s.) about the name of Sufyani. He replied: “Why do you want to know his name? When he conquers the districts of Shaam, Hams, Palestine, Jordan and Qanassireen, you wait for the reappearance.” I asked: “Would he rule for nine months?” He replied: “No, only for eightmonths and not a day more.


I doubt the kurdish opposition leader is the Sufyani, the sufyani (figure) will keep his head down, and once all the other parties have exhausted each other, he will rise on their ashes, destroy them and rule the region. At that time it will be a matter of how fast the khorasani can reach kufa

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The situation in Syria is much, much different than Bahrain. If you watch any news besides the Israeli propaganda networks (almost all news originating in US / Canada / Europe), you will see that Armed gangs in Syria are being supplied with large amounts of weapons and ammunition, logistics, satellite imagery, etc and that they are using these to attack Syrian Army and Police. So they have launched a gorilla war against the Syrian government with help from outside powers and it is not the government attacking 'peaceful demonstrators'. There are many videos on youtube and elsewhere with concrete evidence of this. The protestors in Bahrain are unarmed. That is the difference.

Assad as the Sufiyani is pure speculation, nonsense at this point. Not even worth discussing.

Thank you. This is one thing that angers me about modern Sunnis (that are far different from the somewhat decent Sunnis of the past). They claim Assad is the dajjal (or some other anti-Islamic character). Mourning for Imam Hussain (as) is bid'ah, but mourning for Osama is mustahab.

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Salam All,

This might be an clue to SUFYANI!!!

King Abdullah of Jordan: The Caliph????

To Whom The Throne of Sham Belongs

Shaykh Mohammad Nazim Al-Haqqani An-Naqshibendi, Sohbat of the 8th of April 2012.

Madad Ya Rijal Allah. Madad Ya 'ibad Allah al salihin. Madad Ya Budala' Al Sham Budala,

nujaba, nuqaba, & akhiyar and the Saints of Egypt... akhiyar from East to West.

This is an address for the whole world. But it is an address especially for the Nation of

Muhammad (saws). And it is especially for the Shaykhs of the distinguished Tariqats. And it is

especially for the Muslim scholars that are existing in our time now, in the world from East to


I am a weak servant and I am hoping that the Lord forgives me and I am hoping for the

Prophet's (saws) intercession on Judgement Day. I do not need anything anymore from this

world. Like our honourable Masters have taught us, this world is a carcass - the dogs want it. A

carcass! But Allah (swt) honoured His servants with something that if they do not use it for His

(swt) sake, they will become a carcass. We must be careful in order not to be like those people

who are asking for this world. To ask for this world is the most evil thing on the face of the

earth. Those who ask for this world are the most evil of people because all the Prophets (as)

came to encourage the servants of Allah (swt) to seek the pleasure of Allah (jwa) and to seek

Eternal life. Eternal- Sarmadi! Ignorant are the ones who ask for this temporary, worldly life that

has no value. This is what the Prophets (as) asked for, and especially the request of Sayyidina

Rasulullah, Prophet of the end of times, Beloved of The Most Merciful-Al Rahman - Sayyidina

Muhammad (saws).

Salam alaykum, Shaykh Hisham Effendi, scholar in this period of time and among the respected

Shaykhs existing on the face of the earth. I became inspired to address to the whole world. We

are living in a time in which all the people, people... are asking for this world. Just like in another

time, when someone was asked to ascend the pulpit of a Mosque in Sham, although he was not

authorized for this position, and began a khutba by saying "O people, you are filthy ones your

Imam is Abbas!" They attacked him, hit him & kicked him out. But it turned out that this man

conveyed the situation of the world to the people. Anjas, means something worse than just filthy,

and the world is filthiness. Who asks for this world, this carcass - this is what the Prophet

(saws) says - who asks for it are dogs. Naudhu Billah. In our time now, the least possible of

things is to be free from asking for this world. But people are working.. all the people want to

collect from this world. But this world is for this world. If you do not do goodness for the

favours that Allah(swt) bestowed on you, that is filthiness. The value of this world is for the

sake of Allah (swt) and on Judgment Day He Will ask "O My servant, what have you brought?"


"I have brought the treasures of the world."

"I did not ask from the measurement of the world, I am asking you from the measurement of

good deeds you did in the world with the treasures of the world." "What did you bring as good


And people now are busy with collecting from this world and they do not spend. It is the

attribute of the Jews. They collect for themselves & put away for themselves and they do not

bring it out to show the signs of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, to stand up for Shariat Allah & for good deeds. This

is an opportunity for them but they do not make use of it. This is the preface of this address as

they say- our grand Shaykhs say, our honourable Masters. Our Way is in association &

goodness is in the gathering.

This was an introduction, now we come to the point, a very sensitive point, around the necks of

the scholars living in this period of time. They have forgotten to act with it. What is it? O

scholars! Or doctors! You have forgotten the Hereafter, you have forgotten your Lord. You have

taken shaytan as your supporter. You have taken the filthiness of this world. This is their earned

share of shamefulness. Astaghfirullah. The servant's earnings in this world. This world is a

carcass. And now, O servants of the Lord, I am addressing you O scholars of Islam from East to

West. Since... since I have been inspired & ordered to announce to you, whether you accept or

you do not accept, it does not concern me. O servants of the Lord, in what period of time are we

living? In which era? We are living in the time of tyrants. Tyrants who do not act, they do not act

with the powerful Shariat of Allah (swt) but act instead upon the desires of their egos & they

oppress people. They kill them & they dishonour them and they go beyond their limits. And they

violate the rights of the servants of the Lord. They collect the treasures of this world & they do

not give to people. Tyrants! Tyrant people. This address is for the tyrants of nowadays.

"Inna Fi´ha Qawman Jabbarina" (5:22) Allah (awj) shows everything.

We are living now in the time of the tyrants. It is known that tyrants do not act with the powerful

Shariat, but they act according to the desires of their egos & rule with their anger, as if their

anger descended from Heavens onto the face of the earth & people are following them. Leaving

the safe way they follow them. These tyrants first appeared during the Ottoman empire.

Secondly, when the Ottoman empire was declining. And there were maybe about 50 countries in

the world remaining to the Ottoman kings. We are now living, but our Prophet (saws) gave us

good tidings, that this period of time also has a limit. Limit - it must come to a limit & finish.

And maybe the 20th Century was fully the century of the tyrants. And up to this part of the 21st

Century... 21st Century... What do we need now, O scholars? Because these tyrants, first of all

they attacked the Maqam or... the center of the Islamic Khilafa - where the Khalifas used to be.

They attacked every place that represented Islam. Now we come to an important point, pay

attention O scholars! The Caliphate is on the Shariat of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. The Caliphate keeps the Shariat of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. Without the Khalifa, there cannot be any country that maintains the powerful Shariat of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. And you know this O scholars, you claim to be scholars. In which time? In the time of tyrants.

What have you done? They say "we have not done anything". "For what reason?" "Because they

took all the power from our hands, and left us on our own. We have nothing. They rule & we are

under their ruling. They became rulers & we became under their ruling. We used to rule & they

were ruled by us. Today they are rulers & we are ruled. It is like this." The message of the

Prophet (saws) reached at that time, a handful of people in Anatolia in Turkey. They gathered

and said "we are going to abolish the Sultanate & with it we will abolish the Caliph." This is not

for them. This is not for them! May Allah's (swt) curse be on them. This is not for them. And

same for all the states who left the orders & did like that.

In the new state in Turkey, a handful of people abolished the Sultanate and with it they abolished

the Khilafa? O scholars, with what right did these tyrant people abolish the Khilafa? Did they

have this power & this authority? Why don't you look at this? You write books & books and

you claim to be doctors. You have no value! This time in which we are, is the worst time.

Muslims are killing each other. They have dishonoured Islam, in every way. And also the

Muslims they turned them from being Muslims to being the most humiliated. The tyrants

became the highest level of people and the Muslims the most humiliated. Not even one word

from the Muslims was said against those tyrants. O scholars, between East & West, I am a weak

servant, but by order of Al Haqq (swt) - as He (swt) says "Wa Dhakkir, Fa'inna Adh-Dhikra’ Tanfa`u Al-Mu'uminina"(51:55) Is it not like this? Sadaqa Allahu Al Azim. "And Remind.." Why are you not reminding about the matter of Khilafa? Why did you accept to abolish totally the station of Khilafa? A handful of people, how did you accept

this O scholars of India? Scholars of Arabic countries, scholars of Egypt, Libya, West Africa

and all Arab countries, why did you accept? With what right you did not protect that station, that


There is no higher station than the station of Khilafa in this world! The honour of all the Kings is

for the reason that they carry the Islamic Khilafa. No one raised his hand to protect the banner

of Islam. Where are you scholars! And the people... a handful of people killing the Muslims

from East to West, and you said nothing. Who keeps quiet about the truth is a silent shaytan.

And now, I am calling you O scholars! You witnessed a man, who is a descendent of the

Prophet (saws), who raised the banner of the Prophet (saws), removed. The Khalifa of Allah

(swt) - the station of Khilafa & Sultan was for him. We have reached such a period of time.

And now we have searched for who has the right to the station of Khilafa in our days. The first

condition is that he is a Khalifa from the descendents of the Prophet (saws). We looked from the

East to the West of the world and we have not found except from the children of the Prophet

(saws). They are a handful people in the Kingdom of Amman- Jordan. They have been imprisoned there, and all the rich Arabs with all their power & treasures they never supported the children/descendents of the Prophet (saws) with anything. They have everything but have never supported him. They shall see!

And now our duty... our duty is to look for a living Khalifa. We find him fit for this matter in the

Kingdom that is in Amman-Jordan. Jordan, there are a handful of people from the household of

the Prophet (saws) who are ruling and they have cut them out and left them in the middle of the

desert so they cannot move. This is a shameful act of the Arabs, shame on them, the Wrath of

Allah (swt) is upon them! And you scholars I am addressing you, it is our duty to take.. and to

look for who has the right to carry the banner of Khilafa, only a descendent of the Prophet


Look from East to West and you will only find them in the land, the desert land of Amman. The

Ahl Al Bayt, they are left there and they cut them out so they cannot move. Shame on the

scholars! Who left them alone, oppressed, broken & deprived. And now it is a duty, O scholars,

to ask you for a fatwa- legal opinion: Is it a duty & a right to look for a Khalifa or not? The first

thing for the whole Islamic world, I am asking them. If he says "it is not necessary." Who says

this is not from the Muslim people and should be exiled & considered from among the tyrants.

And now what is left is a handful of people from the household of the Prophet (saws) coming

from the last of the Sharifs-Honoured ones. Sharifs of Mecca, Sharif Hussain, may Allah bless

his soul. They tricked him till he stood up against the Muslim Khilafa of the Ottoman Empire.

And they promised him lies. They told him "we shall make you, O Sharif Hussain, a King for all

the Arabs, but this was deception & lies. And when those tyrants who are following the Jews

take their orders and all their teachings from the Jews. They deceived Sharif Hussain & exiled

him and chained him.

At that time I was young, 10 years old. I saw him here in Nicosia, in a simple house. They

exiled him, may Allah (swt) bless his soul. With my father we used to go and kiss his hand,

because my father at that time was working for the Islamic Waqf here in Cyprus. And we were

offering every service & respect for Sharif Hussain. And when he passed away they came to

take him to the Holy Land (Jerusalem). This is very well known to the people with knowledge,

but they do not know anything about this topic. I would like to open for them a way that they

may seek a Khalifa otherwise we will be destroyed from East to West with weapons from

countries that are non-Muslim, whose aim is to control the whole world from East to West. And

most of them want to put Islam down & put themselves up. But Allah (swt) says" Haqq stand

high & nothing stands higher". Islam is the Highest! O scholars listen! I want from you a fatwa -

legal opinion, about what we should do? I am a weak servant, I want that we take a Khalifa from

Ahlul Bayt of the Prophet (saws) who is living now.

And you know what has happened in the blessed Lands of Sham. "The best houses for the

Muslims, said our Prophet (saws), are in the land of Sham, " In the land called Damascus. The

best Muslim houses are there. The people gather there. And now the right for Khilafa & the

Islamic Sultanate is for his Highness King Abdullah. His name is Abdullah, Allah (swt) has

dressed him with a dress of such glory that everything else becomes as nothing in front in front

of it. May Allah (swt) support him. And now O scholars I am asking from you to support him...

to support him now. He is now waiting for you to grant your support to him. And now O

scholars you have seen or you have heard how far they have gone, the enemies of Islam & the

Muslims in the land of Sham.

And now in an area of Syria they are cut off and all those who are against Islam have retreated

to the North side of the land of Syria. They have left Damascus, the city honoured by Allah

ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, empty with no one to govern it, with no King to protect them. And now we are asking to

grant eveything to the one who has the right, the authority to it. Sham is empty. I want the

scholars to give a fatwa- legal opinion from East to West: that the most deserving and the one

with the right to carry the Muslim Khilafa from Rasulullah (saws) is King Abdullah from

Amman/Jordan. May Allah support him. Support him. If you do not support him Allah's (swt)

Wrath will come upon you till you perish.

And now I am asking from everyone who can issue a fatwa- legal opinion to proclaim that the

one who deserves to be a Khalifa is his Majesty, King Abdullah. Allah (swt) supports him and

the angels support him. If you do not support him not one of you will reach the time of Mahdi

(as) & just before he comes you will pass away & be burried either in the Muslims graveyard or

with the worst of the unbelievers. And now this declaration is an announcement from a weak

servant, not like you scholars, but we have inspirations. If we get inspirations or not - ask the

people who have knowledge of certainty. Ask them them if my words are right or not. If they say

it is true, they will be saved. But those who deny will perish. And now there are troops in Jordan

carrying the banner. It is the banner of the Prophet (saws). The second banner carries the name

of Mahdi (as), Sahib Al Zaman.

Do you accept? We do. If you do not give a fatwa that the most fit, the most beneficial, and the

best for the ummah as Khilafa, is the lion of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì, King Abdullah of Amman/Jordan. And

he has been promised to have the Land of Sham, the land of Hijaz, the land of Baghdad/Iraq. All

the Muslim countries should be under his command until Mahdi (as) comes to give him the Holy

Relics. He will go with him to Istambul to give him the Holy Relics. I did not read this

declaration from a book. But it is from the men of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. Since the men of Allah (swt) they

have dressed me with the power to give declarations to the whole world while I am the weakest

of servants, the weakest of servants, may Allah (swt) forgive us. May Allah (swt) forgive us. We

want nothing but goodness. We want to leave all the badness. We want goodness & who will

raise the banner of Islam, the flag of Haqq, the flag of Heavens on the face of the earth. This is

our aim - nothing else.

O Shaykh Hisham, I request from you also & all who can issue a fatwa to say that this

declaration is correct & that the right to the Khilafate belongs to the lion, his Majesty King

Abdullah who is from the household of the Prophet (saws), in Jordan. This is our declaration. I

am asking that this fatwa be issued from every scholar who can issue one to support our

declaration. So they may give the due right - "give to everyone their due rights" (Hadith).These

are words of the Prophet. Otherwise Allah's (swt) Wrath will be on them. His majesty is ready,

with two flags: one of the Prophet (saws) and the second one is of Sahib Al Zaman, al Mahdi

(as). He will enter Damascus in spite of their opposition. Then his Kingdom will expand from

East to West in the Muslim world and these dishonoured ones, humiliated ones, will be exiled.

They will escape or they will die. Only the banner of the Prophet (saws) will remain together

with the banner of Sayidina Al Mahdi (as). He is not al Mahdi (as), King Abdullah, no.

Al Mahdi (as) is coming. Al Mahdi (as) is coming. Al Mahdi (as) is in the land of Hijaz. He is

there, his family knows him and besides his family, no one knows him. And we are asking to

meet him, to kiss his feet & take bayat with him. 60 years ago I took bayat with him, O Shaykh

Hisham. 60 years ago I gave him bayat, together with my Master Mawlana Sultan Al Awliya'

Abdullah Al Daghastani. I wrote this letter to his grandfather Amir Abdullah to keep his

position. If you do not keep the position of his great grandchildren, Abdullah the II, this

Abdullah, the holder of the sword!

O King do not fear, walk and Allah (swt) is with you & the armies of Heaven are with you. Do

not fear, make your move. Place on your head the Islamic turban, the honour of Islam, and walk.

The land will open for you. It is open for you and wherever you direct yourself you shall be

victorious. And Allah (swt) is with you & is with the patient ones, with the good servants of

Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. Ya Rabbi grant us safety in this time. Allah (jwa) emptied the land of Sham for him

to rule. He will enter into the land of Sham.

I am asking a fatwa from all the scholars who can issue one, that King Abdullah is the righteous

one for Khilafa in Sham now. Then he will go to Istambul, Asitana, to receive the Holy Relics of

the Prophet (sas),his greatest grandfather. And Allah (swt) is Witness upon what we have said.

Ya Rabbi forgive us, and grant us from Your Guidance and show us the glory days of Islam, as

we have seen what happened to the Muslims. We hope that we may be honoured with the honour

of Islam. That we may be proud & not be humiliated among people.

O Arabs, especially you, "do not be divided and hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of

Allah" (3:103) The Rope of Allah (swt) that represents the King of Jordan. His Highness King

Abdullah, is the Rope of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. Hold fast to him and do not fear. Allah (swt) is with you.

And Allah (swt) Knows what you do. And forgive us O Lord, for the sake of Your most

honoured one. My heart is too full to speak, but now I reached the age of weakness. And what

has been inspired to my heart & what they have ordered me to say is this much. It is enough for

70 worlds. And Allah (swt) is Witness to what we say. Allahu Akbar! And His Prophet (saws)

knows. His Prophet (saws) is generous, the highest in the Divine Presence. I have declared, I

have declared, I have declared.

I am asking from my Lord to show me those honoured days of Islam, between the hands of the

Sultan, O Lord You are Omnipotent over everything. Sham is open for you, O your Majesty the

King. Enter it O King, O lion of Allah ÓÈÍÇäå æÊÚÇáì. And no fear for you, the armies of Heavens &

earths are with you. Go! Fatiha. Wa min Allah Al Tawfiq.


To Whom The Throne of Sham Belongs

Monday, April 09, 2012

[select english subtitles]

Listen from 32 minutes for the meat of the subject.


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The sufyani is king abdullah of Jordan. He is from bani hashem through the line of Imam hassan. Imam hassan had marriage relationship with bani ummaya. thats how the arabs created relations back then.

he will unite palestine with jordan and israel will move back to 67 borders to make him look the part, he will then go to syria which should be in chaos after civil war and international intervention, and later iraq. he comes from wadi al yabis, the dry valley of jordan. he is a dajjalic puppet, alcoholic and recognises the independent of Israel***. and he is charismatic and loved by his followers. he has joined the GGC(gulf cooperation council) and will send 70,000 troops to the gulf countries in 2012 as reported.

He is RED as described and he was the one who came out with the term 'shia crescent'

I'm sure he will chill out for now, until the shia and sunni kill each other after fitna, then the shia should win this and he will come to rescue the sunnis. or make it seem that way. he will kill the alawis of syria, and then goes to the shia of iraq whom are also suppressing the sunnis.

both, the shia government of iraq and the alwai shia government of syria are not the true followers of ahlulbayte even though they claim so.

You see many of the shias and sunnis are hypocrites today, possibly 80% of them if i was to be nice. they are liars and cheaters and if you lived there you wouldnt notice, but if you are good and you go there(islamic country) you will notice the hypocrisy and ask yourself if there are any true followers amongst them.

all the hypocrites will clean each other out, in fact the sufyani will only pave the way for our mahdi without even realising it. He will cause the true muslims to unite, and prepare for the mahdi.

If we are to be taken seriously, or take ourselves seriously then we need to be more objective, educate ourselves and analyse things thoroughly rather than talking complete garbage and pretending to know the future.

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If we are to be taken seriously, or take ourselves seriously then we need to be more objective, educate ourselves and analyse things thoroughly rather than talking complete garbage and pretending to know the future.

dont noob out, hes a royal, a hashemite and claims to be from ahlulbayte (as) through Imam Hassan (as). there is enough evidence and analysis on other threads about the sufyani, where he will come from and his alliegance to the romans as well as physical description, while i might agree that the above post was a bit too straight forward, I do still believe that he might be the Sufyani, and currently the best candidate.

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The only ones we need to think about is Allah, Ahlu Bayt a.s. and our own self... the rest is just going to happen so we just have to have our own ducks in a row. Hadidth tells us again and again that the majority of those who call themselves shia are going to apostate ~we're all being sifted out so save our own souls.

Look out for the clerics of misguidance ~ the self-appointed scholars. (reminds me of the self-appointed leaders after the death of the prophet a.s.) The Ahlu Bayt a.s. warned us about them and they said many times over that the Ahlu Bayt a.s. are the only scholars, the others are the learners and the other are the garbled ones. The Ahlu Bayt a.s. did say that there are a few good scholars among the Shia... those that direct people to Knowledge and Light and to the Ahlu Bayt a.s. ~ and not to themselves, and don't do this for their own ego or economic gain.

think and then think again!

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^^^ You're still at it eh?

Why are you still in here you loser. No one cares about your opinion after seeing you post nothing but garbage trying to engage anger among members. We are discussing our own theories and we dont care about what your violent mind thinks. Besides, in a couple of years we ill see who will laugh at who when all these things begin to occur once and for all.

Do you really think sufyani wont rise form Sham after all this?

Do you really think Imam Mahdi is not coming any time soon?

Do you really think everything will just blow off in the Middle-East?

(I didnt pin-point a specific date, so dont give me ur BS either)

After asking yourself those three questions, now ask yourself why are you so deluded still

He emerges on the ashes of Syria after an earthquake killing 100,000.


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Assad sufyani??? Haha please.

Assad will never be a sufyani. He's much better than king abdullah of jordan. At least, he lets people be shias and don't tare down sayyeda zainab's shrine and sayyeda Ruqaiya's shrine. If syria becomes in the hand of the US and Isreal, then things will be very ugly. But again one of the signs of imam mahdi's return is when palestine, lebanon, syria, Jordan, and iraq will be in the hand of those who want to tear down those countries and oppress its people.

Btw, it's good to be anti-isreal, isreal deserves it.

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There is all this discussion and there is no mention of a very interesting fact that in my opinion solves the question of the OP quite decisively especially when considering the broader context (another scope!):


We all know that before the Imam's rise three individuals shall struggle over the Sham territory; al-Sufyani, al-Abqa and al-As'hab.  We all know that these are symbolic rather than actual titles.  However, we should also know that al-As'hab or أَصْهَب (arabic) is in fact one of the synonyms of al-Assad or "lion" (أَسَد) in arabic.


For this reason and others, I wouldn't put my money on al-Assad 'turning' into the Sufyani. Insha'Allah the former is who we hope he is among them.

Edited by MajiC

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Sufyani's name will ibn Yazid. How does Assad, a shia, have any relation with Yazid who is anti-shia.


If Bashar were to be the sufyani, then if Barrack Hussein Obama were to defeat him, he would be logically be the Mahdi. Haha! Cmon guys, seriously now...

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Assalam Alaykom,



Assad is not sufyani(la), Assad is As'Hab.

The sufyani rules (makes rules, influences, controls) over Egypt, Iraq, Syria (see yinon plan).

Therefore it could only be america, aka netanyahu regime, who are known to steal livers, they consume or eat livers from Palestinian Children, Syrians, wherever they can consume them.

Also because of Zuhur, and The Five Definite Signs, netanyahu is the second sufyani who rules for longer than 15 months, almost 20 years.

The only way to stop the sufyani(la) is for us to end our infighting, our civil war, and Unite against this sufyani(la).


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