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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

Tips To Memorizing The Holy Quran

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Inshallah everyone is Good and so are there family

i have a question, has anyone memorized the quran or currently in the process

and if you have how did you memorize can you lend a brother some tips :) , and if you are in the process how do you hope to suceed and do you have any tips?

and if you havent but know a good way in memorizing then please send me some tips :)

Wa salaam


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I was in the process last summer, but I gave up because of school. .Inshallah I'll continue this summer.

I can give a few technics..if you already know how to read arabic Very well.

1) Have a pure intention , do it for the sake of Allah,

2)Schedule ,be organized ,take at least 1 hour and half for memorizing quran every day...It is also recommended to start from the end because it's easier .Your brain will improve slowly and you'll have the capacity of memorizing hard stuff after

3) Use the same quran ,Because 40% of the learning is by vision.

4)Don't feel lazyy, and do it ! Nowadays,the kids are waisting their time ..but trust me,since you are young,you should start ..the more you are younger,better your brain will memorize !! :) A scientist proved that memory becomes weaker after the age of 21 and focusing mode becomes higher . .At the age of 30,both become lower :) ..so since ur young,take the opportunity . Memorizing quran can also help you understand math better ,,,trust me !!! Lol .. experienced by me :)

5) Always Review your pages the day after,it doesn't take a lot of time if you memorized well the day before.

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Try and get a Qaari/Reciter to let you know the quality of your "voice" hmm i dont know how to explain this.. but there are those with "high" voices (few and far between.. but make the best qari's) and those with "low" and "medium" voices. its about your ability to control your breath, how long deep your breaths are, how high and low you can take the pitch of your voice. Once you have known this, it becomes easier to pick a famous Qari to follow who has the same voice "quality". for example, for someone with a "medium" voice, following Khalil Husary is next to impossible..even though he sounds very plain and easy to follow.

the tips mentioned above and in the thread are great too.

Also.. learning with the translation/story in the surah makes it easier... so if you get stuck...you remind yourself what the story being told was/or what the topic was, then it is easier to remember what comes next.

May Allah give you tawfeeq in your noble endeavors. :)

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