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In the Name of God بسم الله

I Was To You Like A Weed Around A Rose..

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I was to you like a weed around a rose

Entwined to your petals, ignoring your thorns.

My goal was to learn simply

About you.

Despite the fact I entwined your presence

Your petals never suffocated.

Your beauty never bruised

Amongst the teachings which my life has taught

I risked rejection and misunderstanding

To baste in your intensity

And feed off your passion.

Like a little puppet, you pulled my strings

I didn't care if I was being manipulated

For my heart was sealed

And I was addicted to the drug that put me in euphoria.

You drew me in

And grew off my energy.

And the words of my heart that echoed through you

Every day.

But it seemed your pride was on exponential.

I wonder if you ever saw these tears

That fell in your presence.

Did you close your eyes because you said you never wanted to see me cry?

Your portrait was merely fiction

Fake, but true

Perhaps you assumed you knew my aim

And thought that I would continue to grow off a thorn like you

Feeding you energy, for your own good.

You will never know my true intentions

For you are too blind and basting in your own


You had the potential to change

Though you are nothing but the painting of a rose

With no dimensions

Who will continue to suck the life off every being

Every innocent and blind person

Like me.

I know you have seen me now

Despite the powerful filter that now stands between us.

Do you find it difficult

That the weed is suffocating you?

Engross yourself and solace your heart

Convince yourself that you and your crimson petals are genuine

While I get to know you and play your game

And suffocate your petals

With my growth.

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MashAllah, you're super talented fatouma. See how we Arabs are better poets? :P

Uve inspired me to try writing a poem, i havnt written anything in years, but i might write one if i find the time.

Keep at it fatouma!!

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