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In the Name of God بسم الله

Sectarianism And The Conflict In Bahrain

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I've noticed how recently especially on the main thread on Bahrain here, the creeping sectarianism managing to rear its head in peoples posts. I felt the need to post this topic as I see nothing sectarian about the protests, and I feel the protesters themselves would be angered and ashamed at people on here and anywhere else esentially turning this into a Shia vs Sunni protest.

The Khalifah family are despots, tyrants, greedy leeches. They have oppressed a large section of their population and bought the loyalty of the rest. They have accumulated wealth and not shared it with most of their population.These protests are a legitimate response to these grievances. The Shia of Bahrain have been admirable one in the love of their nation and two in their desire not to make this a Sunni Vs Shia fight. They're not stupid, they don't want another Iraq. Most of them in the beginning didn't even want to get rid of the Khalifahs, just to have greater freedoms and greater representation.They also knew that both the Khalifahs and the Saudi Arabians would play on the exact fear of an Iraq situation in the minds of the Sunnis in Bahrain and the Sunnis in the Arab world. Whenever a protester came on t.v he/she would insist this wasn't sectarian, everyone insisting there were many Sunnis in the protests especially in the initial protests. The Khalifahs would have been worried by the Sunnis protesting especially some of the healthworkers. Mainstream Sunnis showing their disaffection would insinuate the ruling elite had no loyal base.

There was only one way for them the Saudis and Khalifahs to respond, make this sectarian. Both Shias and Sunnis would start to worry this would turn into an Iraq style civil war. The thinking would be that the Shias inorder to prevent a sectarian clash would stop protesting, the Sunnis out of fear wouldn't protest hence making the protests if there was one into a Shia revolt, hence playing into fears of the gulf region of Iran (They Khalifahs are probably praying night and day for some Iranian commentary on this protest) then also making harder for the arab world to choose sides as the fear of an Iraq especially Baghdad style situation of revenge and counter revenge sectarian mayhem would be constantly in the back of the head.

The Khalifahs did exactly that. Showing knives, and emphasising and proclaiming loudly the so called sectarian dimension to the protests. When I saw those knives as a Sunni I knew I was the audience they were playing to. What did I think immediately, Zanjeer Zani Knives! My first immediate reaction was of horror and that was what the Khalifahs wanted. The first thing Sunnis associate with Shias is Matam, and with that excessive blood letting. So what do the Khalifahs do is show huge knives, and repeat how violent the protesters were, how there were many casualties in the police, how these protests will turn the country into a sectarian abyss. Everyone including those on here have fallen for that trap.

Even if you use these protests as some of you are doing inorder to kick the Sunnis, and bring up past grievances be aware this is not what the Bahraini Shias want. You may dislike Sunnis, or not particularly care for them one way or another. I personally don't care. I have repeatedly said on here I am not for religious unity so you can dislike me or my religion as much as as you want, it honestly doesn't bother me one way or the other. However I do feel its dishonest and disrespectful to those Bahrainis protesting to make this a Shia vs Sunni fight. They don't see it that way, and they don't want you to make it that way.

I admire the Bahraini Shias for being astute enough to see it as what it is which is simple. Its a Right vs Wrong, Oppressed Vs Opressers, Justice vs Injustice, Respect vs Disrespect, Freedom vs Tyranny. Nothing sectarian just geopolitics and the clever machinations of a family intent on surviving no matter what

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Shias have been shouting " Hussain! Hussain! Hussain! " outside the main Manama hospital.

when they shout Hussain, and Ali (ra) that's sectarianism, they believe Hussain (ra) is with the Shia and Omar (ra) is with the Sunnis and Omar (ra) in shia Aqeedah is worse than Iblis according to shia scholars.

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The truth is that the issue in Bahrain is very much sectarian, and has been for a long time, in the sense that the Bahraini Shia are specifically being targetted because of their religious beliefs. They live like second class citizens, if even that, in their own country.

Furthermore, there is an active effort to shift the demographics so that the shia majority gradually decreases, and at the same time, shiite muslims are specifically kept away from positions of authority and power. One of the reasons the military was, and still is being, so ruthless with the population is because they have nothing in common with them: they don't come from the same country (accelerated citizenship), and don't have the same religious affiliation (despite being Muslims).

If you are interested, you can consult the following link that was kindly provided to me by a respected brother:


The point we do happen to agree on is that the struggle of the Bahraini Shiites is not against their Sunni compatriots, but rather against the unjust establishment. It is not a civil war between Shiites and Sunnis, but rather an uprisal of the Shiite population against the anti-Shiite governement (which as we've seen in the past days has the backing of other such governements). We might be using different words for the same thing, but to me this constitutes a sectarian issue.

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