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Random Humorous Comments About The Egyptian Rev.

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Salam alaikum,

It seems that there are many jokes written about the Egyptian Revolution which seem to be quite humorous (many are about Mubarak and co. and some seem to be humorous about the revolution itself yet they don't degrade the honorable Egyptian people).

Whoever runs by any of them, share them here !

First one:

REVOLUTION LOADING ████████████░ 99% [ Error : Please insert Sayyed Hassan and try again ! ]

May Allah (swt) grant the Egyptian people victory over the tyrant and his oppressive government.

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One of Mubaraks close ministers came to him one day and said. "Mr.Mubarak, you know you've been president for 30 years and your age now is 84 don't you think its about time you wirte your farewell speech?"

Mubarake replyed "Why? where is the nation going?"

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Hosny Mobarak was in an aeroplane flying over Egypt.

He decided to throw 100 egyptian pounds to make a family happy.

His wife said, "throw 2 50s and make 2 families happy."

His son said, "throw 4 25s and make 4 families happy."

The pilot said, "throw yourself out and make 80 million Egyptians happy."

:P m3a el salama :D

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