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In the Name of God بسم الله

Short, Medium Or Long Hair?

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salam sisters

just wondering what looks better, short hair (upto the chin), medium hair (upto the shoulders) or long hair (mid back)?








i'm considering cutting my hair but i'm not sure, hopefully someone can help me make a decision!

i know short hair will never suit me.

i currently have long layered hair and i a wear the hijab.

should i just cut it and redo the layers with medium hair or should i leave it the same length and just refresh the cut?

opinions please! :D

salam and thank you!

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man I need a hair cut tooooooo

anyway, it depends on few things..

if you are short, or have a thin face DON'T go long coz that will just cover u up :squeez: and u don't want that.. SO go with shorter hair to show ur face and ur height :D

if you are tall DON'T go short coz that i'll give an edgy too sharp feel,, and I'm not sure you want that..

and yah don't forget ur hair type.. if it's thin CUT IT short, and if it's nice and curly keep it long ^_^

middle length is the universal cut.. it fits most ppl.. and u can layer ur hair or have it cut as a V from the back :wub:

or u could just ignore all the tips and go crazy with something NEWWWWWW :yaali:

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if you are short, or have a thin face DON'T go long coz that will just cover u up and u don't want that.. SO go with shorter hair to show ur face and ur height

Haha! Strangely, I never knew that. I recently cut my hair short and it looked great and I loved it! Maybe it's because I'm short/thin that it looked better. :P

I want to cut it again soon, inshaAllah.

I think it depends on you, whatever looks best on you/ whatever you feel most comfortable with.

That's how I make my decisions. (And I hate having the same style for too long)

I have friends whose parents won't let them cut their hair, but I don't understand that because it's not their hair that's being cut!

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Salamu alaykum... long hair! keep it long!!! It is so much more feminine, trim it and keep it healthy, maybe get a few long layers to add texture and shape. Also, be bossy with your hairdresser about keeping as much length and thickness as possible! I have had bad experiences where they have taken out way to much bulk and length out of my hair, before I have even had a chance to notice, and then they style it in the salon to hide what they have done, and then I go home and the first time I wash and dry it I notice the damage.... I am currently trying to grow out a paticularly bad experience, and it can take an extremely long time to grow out properly again so beeeee careful! Also, don't let them use feathering scissors or feather your hair in any way, it damages the hair at the ends, and don't get a v at the back because, again, they can get carried away and take too much out of th bulk of your ends!

Salams and du'as inshallah

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